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  • edited December 2022
    Always like to find out stuff from yooz guys. rforno and hank. And all. Once again, I've got a tiny limit-order in for Jerash, JRSH. Clothing manufacturer. ...And I see the trade went through. I caught it at $4.38 on its way further down, today.
  • Well, look who'se back!
  • yup, nice.
  • I spent several hours looking over the CEFs mentioned in Barons. RIV popped on Monday but now is down . The SPACS he mentioned are almost impenetrable as there is little information about their strategy.

    I wonder if, as the deadline to return all the money to the investors approaches the SPAC mangers wont start getting more desperate to avoid putting themselves out of business and will throw money at something.

    I passed on BCAT as most of it's recent return M* says is ROC, but Blackrock has some smart guys so maybe..
  • edited December 2022
    Biggest SPAC was from Bill Ackman and he returned a handful of billions cash. He did try some creative ideas but those were rejected by regulators.
    SPCZ (Sherman's SPAC SPC is similar. I think he posts here.) mentioned by Barron's only invests in those that have high probability of returning cash. @DavidSherman
  • I saw that article too, @sma3. Back in March of this year, I bought into SPC, CrossingBridge Pre-Merger SPAC ETF when the manager, @davidsherman, talked about it here at MFO in a post. It has been very tame since I bought it and has slowly been trending up nicely since September. I'd actually like to hear from David his thoughts on how it might hold up in a 2023 recession. I looked at a couple of the spac's mentioned in Barrons and they don't fit my sleep easy volatility profile. SPC does, much like David's other fund I own in my withdrawal bucket, RPHYX.
  • edited December 2022
    Good morning

    Added more hca healthcare bond

    Big hospital system expanding in TX hope won't bankrupt... Hard beat 6.2% annual income... Good Hedgie... So many etf bonds mf have this vehicle


    Happy holidays

    Have hca for 4 5 yrs now nothing bad happen
  • HCA Healthcare, Inc. 7.5% 11/06/2033
    BBB- / Baa3

    Available at Schwab
  • edited December 2022
    #ON csp 12/23 expiration price 65 Delta 20.... #On severe resistance near 65.5... 80bucks premium... Free $$

    If assigned next Fri will hold
    Techs chips could be very good hold or 12 24 months
  • edited December 2022
    $TSLA Chart looks ugly but due for a bounce. Tesla is right at the 200 week moving avg. Weekly RSI and MACD are most oversold in several yrs. Also resting right at prior breakout levels. Due for breakouts hopefully

    Added more Tsla before market closure. We can always be wrong.... Due to Covid breakout in China, severe global recessions, oil energy in bear markets, lots folks loose monies jobs recessions and consumers cut back next yr... All these are negative factors going against Tsla ev LCID Rivn.... Ev Could face another 20% hair cuts

    Likely hold + 5 8 yrs... Musk say Tsla great buys now... Aunty Wood Prob getting out blank cks for new Tsla orders
  • Be aware that Tesla's sales outlook in China, one of it's main markets, is under a lot of pressure on the downward side.
  • Initiated a position in SCHD…
  • edited December 2022
    Tesla/China and China in general. First, IMHO, is credible reporting from the State controlled government.
    NOW, the Covid thing. China appears to have begun relaxing policies of locking down the 'public'. Were they truly concerned with the recent 'riots'? Perhaps. Reportedly, they have deactivated the National Covid tracking app.; and travel restrictions have been reduced.
    With these and whatever other changes have been made and will be made; is the State going to take a chance on what will become of Covid?
    And what happens to this country internally and global supplies of whatever from China???
    Because of closures of many facilities with their previous Covid lock down policies, shortages exist in many production areas. I'm sure there are many, that in some fashion affect the U.S. in supply chain issues.
    One area that is critical for the U.S. and globally, are some medical products. In Michigan, there has existed a 'get on a list' for injection products (dyes and nuclear medicine) used for body scans to detect cancer formations and related. Patient schedules have had to be adjusted until a particular hospital received their allotment. GE Health in China was and I believe is still closed for production; and shifted output increases to Ireland.
    I'd be worried by a lot more than Tesla in China. One may choose to 'watch' what becomes of Covid in China; and ramifications in many areas.
    China's large travel period celebrating the New Year is scheduled for January 22, 2023 and traditionally is for 15 days.....the country shuts down factories and such and a large portion of the citizens travel to be with family(s). What will take place in 2023???

    My 12 cents worth (inflation adjusted).
  • Right on, bro.
  • yup. Ringing my bells, Catch. Truth. I won't touch China these days anyhow, due to political crap. Oppression. Repression. Censorship. Clamp-down on human rights. Remember the Uyghurs through all of this??? Forced sterilization. Gulag relocation. Shit.
  • MikeW said:

    Initiated a position in SCHD…

    good on ya. I am favoring Equity income these days, too. And by the way: donuts all around, in case you missed it: PRFDX paid the year-end thing this evening. $1.7023/share. Wa-hoo bonga!
  • I reduced exposure to China several years ago. Geopolitical risk is increasing lately and globalization is devolving…

    Now is a good time to rebalance the portfolio before year end. What a year!
  • edited December 2022
    I have no faith whatsoever in either China or Tesla (Musk) as investible options at this time or possibly ever. Both are on my ESG shitlist.

    Case in point found in the NY Times today: Musk Shakes Up Twitter’s Legal Team as He Looks to Cut More Costs "Twitter has stopped paying rent on offices and is considering not paying severance packages to former employees, among other measures." Sound like anyone you know?

    Edited to add one one more from todays WSJ:

    Tesla Investors Voice Concern Over Elon Musk’s Focus on Twitter

    "Supporters of Tesla and Musk are asking questions about who is running the electric-vehicle maker"
  • Unfortunately Tesla is big enough to be the 4th holding in S&P500 index. Also it is widely held in many large cap growth funds as shown below. Not easily to avoid it in your investment, even ESG funds.

    Let’s hope other electric car manufacturers catch-up and displace Tesla in the near future.

    China will face challenging business environment with their COVID situation in coming years. They are facing the lack of effective vaccines, dense population density, and the worst COVID policy.
  • edited December 2022
    Mark said:

    I have no faith whatsoever in either China or Tesla (Musk) as investible options at this time or possibly ever. Both are on my ESG shitlist.

    That's a key reason why i avoid index funds like the plague. I have no faith in TSLA, but because it (or any company) has a market cap that fits the index criteria, it's *got* to be in the index, and thus owned by everyone in the herd -- "just because." Forget any semblance of fundamentals or management competency. No thanks.

    And in TSLA's case, it's a meme stock that traders love to play with. I like my long-term investments boring, not nauseating.

    On China, I agree. I don't trust their companies, corporate data, or government -- as with bank stocks, China is on my permanently-ignore list.
  • Initiated a position in BTO (John Hancock Financial Opportunities Fund), a fund I've been watching for a bit. The financials have come down over the past few months, with BTO settling into rare discount territory. I look to build this up to a full position over the next few months, and today it sports a handy 7.94% distribution.
  • edited December 2022
    For mama acct - capital preservations are keys
    Add more BOEING BA 097023AM7, ytm 5.** % BBB- rated, mature 15-Jun-2025, no insurance.

    also dca more into FIDELITY 2015: FFVFX

    kind regards
  • edited December 2022
    I wouldn't worry about the Boeing- they'll be around for quite a while yet. They just got a huge order from United Airlines: 100 new 787 Dreamliners, with an option for 100 additional 787s.

    097023AM7 isn't callable, either. Should be fine.. however, at least on Schwab, the best YTM seems to be in the 5% range, at least now.

    For you younger folks with a long time horizon, BA stock might be a decent bet too. Might take a while, maybe lots of down/up, but should be good in the long run.
  • edited December 2022
    Hi sir uncle @Oldjoe

    I do agree
    Everything so cheap now
    Dca every wk to COST SP500 BROS GROWTH STOCKS SP500 Vo voo Tsla Rivn lcid
    Partial shares schwab
    Leave for 15 yrs

    Hope we will be laughing our ways to Banks in 15 yrs
    Kindregards... happy holidays

    Importance of compounding and holdings

    Warren Buffett’s net worth by age:

    21: $20K

    35: $7M

    44: $19M

    56: $1.4B

    66: $17B

    91: $91B

    Today: $106B
  • edited December 2022
    The order is in. After the week-end: an exchange. pulling some $$ from TRP Financials PRISX and splitting it between TRP US Junk bonds TUHYX and TRP Equity Income PRFDX........ PRISX has been a disappointment. Also going to start a position in PRCPX, a different TRP junk bond fund.
  • @Crash : Thanks for showing your trades. Did you sell all of PRISX ? Do you prefer monthly dividends or quarterly. If one is reinvesting dividends, I'd think monthly as you are reinvesting sooner & more often . I guess one would have to sit down & run the numbers. 3 to 4 cent dividends monthly vs 15 to 16 cents quarterly.
    Awaiting any & all replies, Derf
    PS One would have to take in NAV & number of shares held.
  • Heavy in cash. Patience Grasshopper.

    Reduced QREARX-TIAA Real Estate (variable annuity). Steady performer but starting to roll over.

    Added to VMNFX-Vanguard Market Neutral Fund to limit exposure to general equity markets.
  • Derf said:

    @Crash : Thanks for showing your trades. Did you sell all of PRISX ? Do you prefer monthly dividends or quarterly. If one is reinvesting dividends, I'd think monthly as you are reinvesting sooner & more often . I guess one would have to sit down & run the numbers. 3 to 4 cent dividends monthly vs 15 to 16 cents quarterly.
    Awaiting any & all replies, Derf
    PS One would have to take in NAV & number of shares held.

    I had been waiting for the year-end pay-out in PRISX. With that in the rearview mirror, I gave myself permission to make the changes. No, I will not eliminate PRISX entirely. But I have a feeling it's going to be dead money for at least another year. Rates will not come down soon at all. When we get to a terminal rate with the Fed's rate-rise program, I agree with those who assert we will sit there for a number of months, maybe a year. Rick Rieder (BlackRock) was saying just that on WSW when I watched it, yesterday. And he was also touting bonds, though not junk. All of the talking heads I'm hearing--- including Desai and Feeney on WSW yesterday--- rather like bonds of higher quality, because finally, investors can receive a decent yield from them. I've got no shame. I will continue to dumpster-dive. And I can buy junk shares at a big discount still, right about now. I'm still way behind re: Total Return with TUHYX. I bought just under $10 and now it sits just above $8. Stinky doggy poopies. Well, time to make lemonade, then.


    I'm going to seriously reduce PRISX, but I do want to keep a position in Financials. Monthly dividends rather than quarterly is the way I like to go, yes. Still reinvesting everything except for an annual smallish chunk I take out of the T-IRA in January, each year. Before the changes, I'm at just 25% in bonds, anyhow. I have room for more bonds in the portfolio. I do believe the terminal rate will be more like 5.5% or 6% rather than 4.5%. Higher, rather than lower. Service sector wages are proving to be perniciously, stubbornly high. Unemployment will be a challenge to get above 4 percent, with the labor-participation rate so low, the way it's been.

    PRWCX still hasn't paid. That's coming on the 20th of Dec if memory serves me. That will be a welcome, hefty delivery. Stinky year, generally, all around. PRFDX will show up with quarterlies for me, too. I'll get paid to wait for things to turn lovely again. And it's been a brutal past week for my single stocks, too, apart from Maine-based BHB
  • edited December 2022
    Adding on to what @Crash posted …

    Financials have had a tough year. I played with a couple banks earlier in the year and avoided getting burned too badly. They seem to have sunk again after I bailed a month ago. Too hot for me. The problem seems to be that banks don’t do well in recessions (widely forecast). Also - the inverted yield curve puts them in a position of paying more for short term deposits than they can earn on longer dated loans.

    That aside, dividend paying stocks (and funds that own them) are having a pretty good year. PRFDX is down slightly this year, but positive for one-year out. Longer term that makes me a bit cautious on this segment, as reversion to the mean could kick in and favor growthier stocks again at the expense of the safe harbor dividend players. Just speculating here …
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