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  • davidrmoran
    Not sure this is a new change, I believe so, but I see now that DLEUX is avail at Fido ntf for the usual $2500 min. DSEUX is $100k and still $50... Just fyi. Performance since inception is not better for any time period (almost) than Euro indexes.
    June 2017
  • davidrmoran
    I gave in!
    May 2017
  • Sorry for your, "gain." It's happened to me several times, and I've never liked it. It would be nice, and in some cases quite advantageous, to see it building up earlier. Makes you appreciate the little things that Vanguard does. Vanguard is the only fund operation I know that lets you see, month to month, on their site. Otherwise, release of fund reports are staggered so that you can't tell, even if you pour thru all the numbers in da columns. C'est la vie.
    October 2015