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  • @Puddnhead: How's the Dukester doing ? Probably better than you ! LOL
    I see FMIJX is down 23.4 YTD, so I'm guessing you DCA'ed into that ........ Fund.

    Stay safe & give the Dukester a bone, Derf
  • Hi Derf,
    Lol! Yeah, he's doing better than me. He's still the smartest one in the room and the one the girls want to pet. OOpup!
    Yeah, FMIJX is down big.....long time own this puppy. Needs to go. All they said was they are value. Were looking out for you yet they fell like bowling pins. No better than anyone else. Reminds me of politicians....all talk, no walk. Hope you're well. PA opens next week. Still can't get a haircut. Put a tie-dye shirt on and bell bottom jeans and you would think it's the 60s again. Lol. All I need to hear is The Beatles, Stones or Led Zeppelin. The beer's still cold, but the walk is slower.
    God bless
    the Pudd
  • Started moving my VMVFX investment to BIAWX & VWIAX (equal portion) - order placed, will execute tomorrow. This move will take few months. Both target funds have shown more resilience than VMVFX (Global to mostly domestic, low volatility didn't help) with the swoon and recovery.
  • Wish I had more in BIAWX, myself. That fund allows you to get in with just $100.00 and I've been adding exactly that much, each time. One-year perf of that fund = 26.59. YA!
  • @Crash; Where did you find the 1 yr. return ? Yahoo states 11.+ % Maybe that's your own return ?
    Stay Safe, Derf
  • @Derf That's not YTD, that's 1-year performance.:) I got the stat from Morningstar.
  • Yup you're right, @Crash . Check out yahoo finance , trailing returns vs benchmark for one year11+ % What is the saying? Measure twice cut once. I checked your link & one other & they show 26+% !! Yahoo may have a different time zone ?! I also did Yahoo closing adjusted price & that came out even higher % return.

    Stay Safe, Derf

  • Closed my 2022 spec combo options trade on GE *way* early for 25% gain on the risk ... just to offset likely TLH'ing elsewhere. I would re-create the position for if GE drops back down toward 5 again, though.
  • edited June 2020
    Pulled small amount of risk off the table today. During the meltdown in March I was traveling and made some quick modifications on the fly. One thing I did was open up a new area called “spec” inside my normal cash allocation (taking $$ out of cash). I bought into equity funds I felt were overly beaten down by all the selling. The reason for adding more risk: Cash was becoming even more “trashy” than before (and still is) due to the meager returns available and the massive central bank(s) money printing. I’m now beginning to reduce some of that spec position (moving back to cash), but plan to hold most of it indefinitely.

    As a mater of principle, I’d rather buy when it’s raining and sell when the sun’s out.
  • edited June 2020
    Sold my relatively short-term Airbus position at a surprisingly nice profit @ the open today. It's been on a tear in recent days but I've been having second thoughts about the position (which I doubled just before Covid hit) and had placed a resting order to close it out at breakeven ... but it opened nearly $1 higher than my sell order, so I'll take it. Which means it'll probably skyrocket higher. :)

    On the upside, patience pays off. As with some other positions I've closed in recent days, I was tempted to close it out earlier for a minor loss, but let it ride for a while longer and got out at break-even or better. #InvestingAndTradingLessonsHardLearned
  • edited June 2020
    Got vanguard 2060 (new position)...added more qqq, vgstx, bac, vppcx, vong last wk. Liquidated several private stagnant bonds

    In nama portfolio added more FBND and PCI
  • Having reached 10% allocation in both BIAWX & VWIAX, I am starting a new pair - VLAAX (50-70% Allocation) & PHSKX (mid cap growth) - using funds from VMVFX sale & selling now USMV for the same reason.
  • Some quarterly rebalancing.

    Sold: CCSMX, small/mid growth, 31% quarterly gain, but volatile as expected. Selling high and reducing volatility.

    Buy: Started a position in SWAN, Amplify’s ETF that showed its effectiveness since inception. I consider it an aggressive part of my bond sleeve, with 90% Treasuries plus 10% SPY Leaps. Captures 60% of SPY upside with 20% downside. Followed this fund for a while, impressed with manager in a podcast I took in at SA. We’ll see how it goes moving forward, especially if the market decides to go risk-off.

  • edited July 2020
    Pretty much been on auto-pilot the past month. Mentioned cutting back on miners a week or two ago, but still have plenty of exposure - and gold just keeps running higher. Watching a smallish stake in PRLAX, purchased in late March purely for excitement. Nice rebound. Now Bolsonaro of Brazil (largest fund holding) has tested positive for Covid-19. Gosh ... Golly. Wonder how that happened?
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