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  • Guess you got them put to you.
  • holding pattern. week-end has arrived. Waiting now for a dip, after Friday's very good day. On the radar: JRSH. And PRNEX might actually start performing for me. Estimated PRISX year-end pay-out looks niggardly.
  • edited November 2022
    Post U.S. elections, +1 day, doesn't mean much in the long term, but today's market actions may be interesting. Many global markets are decently higher overnight.

    FINVIZ futures at 9am, EST. ....... Equity and Bonds strongly higher.

    NOTE: For those unaware, this graphic will change through a business day.
  • Sold Vantage Towers on the pop following yesterday's expected JV spin-off from VOD.

    Sold PARA for TLH. May buy back in January.
  • I must have bought your PARA. $16 seemed like a good bet. I wonder what Mr. Buffett and/or his minions are thinking on this one. Also bought AMZN yesterday and DIS before the open. Those prices seemed to be getting a bit ridiculous. Not to say that they can't get anymore so.
  • Not Buy/Sell, but this thread is currently a popular watering hole. So, I add this for those who may not be aware: From an internal note at Fidelity:

    On Friday, November 11, Fidelity Investor Centers, along with all major stock markets will be open for business. However, in observance of Veterans Day (originally known as Armistice Day) bond markets and banks will be closed. This will delay account settlements, distributions, withdrawals, transfers, and money market fund trading due to the bank closures.

    Added Note: Not all banks/cu's will necessarily be closed.
  • thanks, catch.
  • edited November 2022
    I'll pick this thread again to place a link for a quick view of multiple etf returns for November 10, or for whatever day you use the link.

    Multiple sectors etf's
  • A little snippet rom Alex Eule at Barron's re: yesterday's market action:

    "Among the stocks on my dashboard that I follow every day, the biggest gainers were: online car dealer Carvana (+32%), e-commerce firm Wayfair (+28%), alternative meat producer Beyond Meat (+20%), and two other e-commerce firms, Chewy (+20%) and Shopify (+18%).
    Those are stocks that have been thrashed over the last year, Carvana is down 96% from its 52-week highs, Wayfair and Beyond Meat are both down 85%, and Shopify is off 75%. Chewy has held up the best from the above list, down only 47% from its 52-week high.
    Several colleagues pointed out to me that all you had to do to understand risk sentiment today was to look at the performance of Cathie Wood's ARK Innovation ETF. It soared 15% on the day -- the eight-year old fund's best ever day -- after touching a 52-week low yesterday.
    ARK is filled with high-growth stocks that soared during the pandemic and tanked over the last year. Its top holdings are now Zoom Video Communications, Tesla, Exact Sciences, Roku, and Block. Those five stocks were up an average of 13% today."
  • Thanks Mark
  • among the stocks which I saw soar yesterday, post-CPI report, is CAE. (Montreal. provides simulation-training equipment. Civil and military pilots, for example. Also, medical stuff.) I noted it was up over 20%. Today, the day after, it's not pulling back like most I've seen. It's up 2.55%.

    I've got a limit order in for Jerash Holdings. JRSH. They make sportswear, stylish casual clothes for some famous brands you'll see in the stores. I'm alert re: my junk bond fund, TUHYX. And NHYDY is on a tear. On fire. It can't last, going forward, but I'm not selling. Too early. Much. Still no decision i can find re: a ban on Russian aluminum.

  • Stepped out of AMZN & GOOGL, too much murkiness.
  • Perhaps a nicer equity market hereTuesday, as of 12:40am EST, Novermber 15; the Asian area is fairly happy. See here.
    Good evening.
  • catch22 said:

    Perhaps a nicer equity market hereTuesday, as of 12:40am EST, Novermber 15; the Asian area is fairly happy. See here.
    Good evening.


  • Slolwly Added lots growth stocks + etf last two wks

  • Watching ASML making a nice comeback. Another day or two and we'll be even again.
  • sold ccor and fmsdx to increase cash; might buy cdc and schd upon big dip, and rebuy ccor
  • Sold COTZX; used 35% for more VDADX and kept the rest as cash until the next treasury auction for 3,6,12 month purchases.
  • @davidrmoran : Why the sale of CCOR if I may ask ? YTD+ !
  • Opportunity: Investment Grade Bond, +8% Yield From Prospect Capital

    Added prospect Corp Bonds yesterday
  • edited November 2022
    Prospect Capital/PSEC is a BDC (co rating BBB) and its bonds mentioned by SA are rated BBB-, borderline inv-grade.
  • Initiated starter position in IEP at 51.50 following today's ex-div. Always wanted to join Uncle Carl's diversified hedge train; and his son's doing a solid job as his presumptive successor, too.
  • Interesting pick @rforno. Has IEP sold all or just some of its casino holdings? I see that they bought a worthless(?) Trump property in 2016.
  • BenWP said:

    Interesting pick @rforno. Has IEP sold all or just some of its casino holdings? I see that they bought a worthless(?) Trump property in 2016.

    Yup - sold it to, IIRC, Hard Rock. Still took a loss on it, though.
  • I bought some TSM ( along with Warren who would know; I wish I could say he called me with a tip) and AMSL when they were both down. As TSM seemed to get worse I was going to sell but didn't!
  • Derf said:

    @davidrmoran : Why the sale of CCOR if I may ask ? YTD+ !

    For cashflow, may rebuy as I am able.

    It is simply remarkable what they do (also worrisome to a worrywart); if only it was not so dynamic.

    Also, at ML though not Fido, 'This security is currently blocked and cannot be traded at Merrill.'
  • Is IEP classified as a stock or master limited partnership for tax purposes? I'm trying to avoid receiving K-1 tax forms !
  • @davidrmoran : Thanks for your reply.
    Have a good evening, Derf
  • "IEP units holders are responsible for taxes on the partnership income. Income taxes for certain operating corporations that the partnership controls do pay taxes, if any, at the corporate level. Unit holders receive an annual K-1 Schedule (Form 1065)."
  • buy-order on JRSH went through. Of course it's DOWN today.
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