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  • Derf said:

    @davidrmoran : Thanks for your reply.
    Have a good evening, Derf

    do u own / trade ccor? how long? what is your experience?
  • @Crash : You just got more for the same $$$ ! NICE ! Or was the buy yesterday ?
  • Derf said:

    @Crash : You just got more for the same $$$ ! NICE ! Or was the buy yesterday ?

    Yes, yesterday. It will come back up. Target price +125%.

  • +1 mark Thanks for info !
  • Vanguard Msg: A buy order for $10,000.00 of FORD MOTOR CREDIT CO LLC CREDI in account ending in *** executed at $100.28. Reply STOP to cancel txt msgs

    YTM 7.4%
    Bettet than cd
  • edited November 2022
    Hi sir @Catch22
    CUSIP 34540TB76
    S&P rating BB+

    We been holding Ford bonds. And bought more at time since 2011

    The one you mentioned matures 2040s also look good
  • @davidrmoran : I don't own it at this time, I just took a look at CCOR.
  • Gents - I was dabbling in CCOR a while back and then sold...interday it was all over the was somewhat unpredicatable as to how the fund would perform vs markets any day.

    What made me (overly cautious, nervouse nelly investor) give pause, it appears to me that many of the Bitcoin Bros/Gals are trading options like crazee. How do you explain ARKK going up by like 15% over two day last week. Heard on a podcast, maybe it was Wealthion guest that a lot of very short term options are being put on...folks trying to get rich quick with options rather than holding the JNJ, MRK, WMT, Rattheon's. etc.

    Also I am starting to get real nervous re the futures/combo funds out there....the BLNDX, MAFIX, still waiting for the hard trendreversals to take place when the interest rates go down or dollar goes down...could be a whammo moment.

    Have taken my CCOR monies and put them in FORKX, Abraham Fortress by Salem Abraham...yes, some futures/hedgey part of portfolio, but only a 25-30%. Il like his experience investing over many different market cycles and his no nonsense Texan background. We'll see how it goes.

    Also started small entry position in TWEIX and added to smaller position in TSUMX recently.

    Still way way heavy into rolling T bills, laddering CDs up to 5 years.

    Good Luck to All,

    Baseball Fan
  • Just for fun, checked out TWEIX portfolio top 10, vs. my own equity-income fund, PRFDX. Not much overlap. ZERO overlap. Hmmmm. Looking at it from utterly different assumptions, goals, worlds, I suppose.
  • Bought starter position in DMLP. Debt-free oil/gas royalty trust that tends to go under most analyst's radars.
  • edited November 2022
    Added 595017bc7 microchips tech bond for mama om acct ytm 6.2% due 2024 A- rated
  • The stuff that has been working this year are ETFs with a disciplined methodology: CDC, COWZ, SYLD, and to a lesser degree MOAT. New to my portfolio is SMOT, the S-Mid version of MOAT. Free cash flow, dividends, moats and buy-backs seem to characterize the methods of funds that have succeeded this year. For OEFs, it would be hard to beat GQHIX. I may wait until distributions (if sizable) are paid to purchase more in taxable account. TLH for growth funds.
  • GQHIX.
    Thank you, @BenWP. That one is going on my list!
  • Over the last few weeks I added a sizable position of PKSAX in my retirement account. From my screens it is one of the few equity funds that held up very well in both bear markets of March 2020 and the current one. Long term performance is also quite good. It is only available in my retirement account….closed at Schwab and other fund supermarkets. I also added NXPI, TXN, and V over the last month.
  • edited November 2022
    I intend to add to my positions in NICHX, BIVIX and MAFIX

    Reviewing EBSIX, GIFMX
  • May change overnight....but, mostly not happy right now; except U.S. Treasury issues and the $.

    FINVIZ futures

    Global indices futures
  • edited November 2022
    China, HK, crude oil and cryptos are taking hits tonight.
  • Looks like orange juice is on a tear. Orange Juice ???
  • edited November 2022
    Perhaps there's an opportunity in the frozen concentrated orange juice (FCOJ) futures market?
  • Not everything shown in the Finviz link is trading now. The OJ data there is stale. Another source?
  • Hi @OJ ,about the OJ. There has been a tree virus ongoing, BUT; I recall Hurricane IAN in Florida damaged a lot of trees, too.

    @yogibearbull Yes, FINVIZ doesn't necessarily provide active data, dependent upon the time of day. I've used the below, mostly to check bonds; but this link is for SOFTS, and only cotton is trading at this time. I sometimes check the other TAB areas, too.
    Futures, Softs

    NOTE: I need to add notice about FINVIZ in the future.
  • @yogi
    I haven't specifically checked OJ futures on barchart but in general barchart is a great site.
  • Speculation about my future always did make me a bit nervous. Easy there...
  • Hehe I meant Orange Juice!
  • edited November 2022
    Bought 09261hab3 Blackstone bond for mama acct... Bbb- ytm 6.11%. Many etf funds have bond... No bankruptcies from funds and bond desk stated no missed payments

    I do have BX in acct, keep leap cc
  • Sold COTZX and with the cash bought VTI, VIG (35%), and 3-month and 6-month treasuries.

  • Bought 1000s FLNG with a JAN 2024 30/40 collar spread put on at a nice credit, which is how I like to do them. Reason? Adding to income-generating positions, but also protecting some positions that might be more volatile than expected going forward.

    Also stalking CHS preferreds at/below par, TDS-V, CMS-C, and adding to EPD, IEP, and DMLP for income-generating positions.
  • edited December 2022
    Always eager to read what @rforno is buying or selling.:)

    Personally ….

    - I’ve sold off 2 of my 3 largest equity holdings in recent weeks. Took a nice profit on the global reinsurer I’d held most of the year. Break-even, or a slight loss, on a major bank. Kept the large international food conglomerate, but sold off a little. It’s about break-even since buying early in the year but has been making up lost ground as the dollar has begun to weaken.

    - Unloaded 100% of a significant hold in ABRZX. I was very wrong in my previous positive appraisal of that fund - especially its ability to hold up during down markets. Moved the same sum into an old favorite TRRIX. For that matter, both of the afore mentioned funds have stunk up the joint pretty good this year. But the latter’s .49% ER takes away some of the stench. (ABRZX charges 1.37%).

    - Added CVSIX to my “Alternative” sleeve with $$ from the stock sales. The thinking here is that with now higher prevailing interest rates, it’s a decent place to hide. Also, some positive commentary on convertible bonds in a recent Barron’s.

    - I added 2 small spec positions yesterday. Each represents only 1% of my total invested assets: BCAT & GUG. They caught my attention when reading Randall Forsyth’s always fine Barron’s column over the weekend. Frankly, I’ve had no prior experience with closed-end funds. So am viewing this small venture as mostly a learning experience. (And folks may know that I enjoy dumpster diving.)

    Here’s the passage referenced from this week’s Barron’s (Randall Forsyth).

    “Another bargain is a relatively new type of closed-end fund, which was supposed to avoid sinking to a big discount by going public at net asset value, rather than at a premium, as is usual. Nevertheless, some of these funds have succumbed, including ones from marquee-name portfolio managers such as BlackRock and Guggenheim …. One is BlackRock Capital Allocation Trust (BCAT), which yields 8.52% and trades at a wide 15.93% discount to NAV. The other is the Guggenheim Active Allocation fund (GUG). It yields 10.16% and is quoted at a 12.16% discount. It's no disgrace to delve into offbeat corners to pick up bargains.”

  • Welcome back @hank!!!
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