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FBI Raids Mar-a-Lago



  • Whatever else Trump may be, he is a master at manipulating almost any situation to his advantage. The consensus tonight on PBS (Newshour and Washington Week) is that he will continue to use the situation to fan outrage among his followers, and to present the whole thing as an illegitimate attempt to damage him politically. Already Kevin McCarthy, the House GOP leader has taken up this cry, allowing Trump to remain in the political limelight to the disadvantage of any potential GOP challengers.

    Garland is in a terrible situation: if he prosecutes Trump, it's highly likely that will get him re-elected, if he lets the situation slide, there will be total hell to pay. The PBS commentators are gravely concerned for the future of this country as a democracy,
  • Mark said:

    Does anyone think that Garland wouldn't have risked this search or raid if he wasn't 1K% positive of the results? I'm also curious to know why Trump didn't object to releasing the search warrant contents.

    I was wondering the same thing.
    I assumed former POTUS would oppose the warrant release due to his obstructionist tendencies.

  • As long as his followers believe that the whole thing is just a political attempt to damage him he can use the situation to his advantage. Garland called his bluff: if Trump opposed release, he would look like there was something to hide. Now he just shrugs off the whole thing as a political "Witch Hunt": "look, I personally declassified all that stuff- what's their problem?"
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    The former POTUS is very Machiavellian and he'll attempt to take advantage of the situation.
    He often likes to portray himself as the victim.
    I find it incomprehensible and disturbing that so many people either believe this bullshit
    or help propagate the false narrative.

  • And the lying liar continues to lie at every opportunity, but the Nat'l Archives pushes back.
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    Excerpts from Heather Cox Richardson's August 11 newsletter:

    "Contrary to right-wing reports, Trump’s lawyer was at Mar-a-Lago during the search, which a federal court authorized after finding probable cause. Garland said that he personally approved the decision to seek a search warrant, and he also pointed out that the Department of Justice did not publicize the search; the former president did. Because of the public interest in the matter—and to clear up confusion over it—the department is asking a judge to unseal the documents."

    "This boxes Trump in. He and his supporters have been demanding the documents be released, although the DOJ cannot release them and Trump can. This motion means that the DOJ has made a strong case to get permission to release them…unless Trump objects. Essentially, the DOJ just called his bluff."

    "Another right-wing talking point about the search fell apart today as well. Fox News Channel personalities have argued that the Justice Department should simply have issued a subpoena for the material. 'Get a subpoena, he will give it back,' Jesse Watters said. 'It’s not like Trump won’t cooperate.' But in fact it turns out the DOJ did deliver a subpoena two months ago, and the former president did not comply."

    Here the former POTUS weighs in on handling classified documents.
  • hank said:

    The excretory matter doth strike the whirling blades.

    perfect description. The Orange Clown-Abortion simply does not deserve to live.

  • Crash said:

    hank said:

    The excretory matter doth strike the whirling blades.

    perfect description. The Orange Clown-Abortion simply does not deserve to live.

    An old friend at work who had a knack with words came up with that one when striving for more “socially acceptable” ways to explain whatever was happening. :)

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    Danger is whether he has shared those “classified” documents with our adversaries. Some of these documents should only be read in special rooms highly controlled. How are the ended up in his unsecured house?

    Trump former personal attorney, Micheal Cohen said that Trump may uses these classified information as his get out jail card; tactics often used among mobsters.
  • cohen. finally got religion. that at least is a good thing. as for the trumpster... well, after you finish with him, don't forget the horse he rode in on, either. parasite criminal sludge.
  • A completely despicable waste of space. He should have been scraped off the sheets with a spoon, way back when--- after mommy and daddy were finished that night.
  • edited September 2
    Trump post on Truth Social:
    "There seems to be confusion as to the 'picture' where documents were sloppily thrown on the floor and then released photographically for the world to see, as if that’s what the FBI found when they broke into my home. Wrong! They took them out of cartons and spread them around on the carpet, making it look like a big 'find' for them. They dropped them, not me - Very deceiving…"

    No one accused Trump (rhymes with Chump) of leaving thrown/dropped documents on the floor.
    The reasons these classified docs were taken to Mar-a-Lago are actually pertinent to this willful malfeasance.
    Who is being deceitful?

    Trump attorney Alina Habba on Fox News:
    When referencing the office where classified documents were found, Ms. Habba stated "he has guests frequently there".

    Guests are frequently allowed in a room where secret/top secret docs are stored in cartons?
    This doesn't sound very secure to me.
    Hopefully, our enemies did not gain access to any of this sensitive info!

  • Excerpt from Heather Cox Richardson' today commentary:
    Today the unsealing of a court filing revealed that the August 8 search turned up more than 11,000 documents or photographs that were not classified, 31 documents marked CONFIDENTIAL, 54 marked SECRET, and 18 marked TOP SECRET. In addition, agents found 48 empty folders marked CLASSIFIED, and 42 empty folders marked to be returned to a military aide. Those documents were not filed with the envelopes.

    This story is unprecedented and explosive. As Sue Gordon, who was principal deputy director of national intelligence from 2017 to 2019, told MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace yesterday, in addition to the potential for exposing national secrets, the exposure of the networks and techniques that were in those documents could unravel intelligence networks that took decades to build.

    The implications for the destruction of our national security at Trump’s hands are enormous.
    Guess where the missing "classified and top-secret" documents are?
  • Did they look under his bed?
  • this is terrible.
  • The last paragraphs above should scare anyone. They are highly valued to our adversaries - Russia, China, Iran, North Korea...
  • Hard to believe this amount of secured info got out of the hen house & not returned ?!
  • There is lots of info not available to the public eyes. One would think the “top secure” documents are track and can only be read in special rooms. Where are the gatekeepers? Our local university has a tight checkout systems for books and journals.
  • I don't think that Trump was "into" gatekeepers...
  • edited September 4
    All possible events and situations are off the table of trust; when ethics, honor and a moral base is weak or doesn't exist with an individual. This applies, be it a work group of 5 people, or to the highest levels of government.

    At one time, with both military and civilian work; I had a Top Secret/Crypto with what at the time was an added R-4 restricted access, security clearance. The basis for all clearance levels still remains with a 'need to know'. If my clearance was still in place today, I could deny someone access to my area and its content; no less than someone could deny me access if they worked within an area that is involved with "drone" operations. Neither one of us necessarily has a 'need to know' about the others work, documents or other; unless there exists a mutual necessary reason; approved by others.

    It is not difficult for me/us to now know what has happened; although I remain angry with the potential damage and/or harm that may be in place. One should never be surprised with the actions or a sociopath/psychopath.

    Regardless of a POTUS clearance level while in office, presents no right to 'have' classified documents post-office.
  • Take the Time Machine with me, back to 2016. How did a childish, corrupt asshole with no conscience get into the White House? Because just enough VOTERS are as dumb as a box of rocks, themselves. How can you vote to put such an asshole into the highest position in the country, unless you're too stupid to see him for what he is, or you just don't care---- which would mean that you are as ethically deficient as the Orange Abortion. I don't care for Hillary. But she did get more votes than him. So, the SYSTEM is a cluster-fuck, too. Let's not forget.
  • edited September 5
    And now, THIS:
    Is she not a Trumpster-appointee? MOTHERFUCKER!

    Yes, a Trump appointee. Anything connected to the Repugnant Party today = an Insurgency against honesty, ethics and justice.
    "....The judge, who was appointed by Trump..."
  • OK, so back in 2016 perhaps the voters were "as dumb as a box of rocks", and presumably didn't realize what they were voting for.

    Six years later those voters may still be "as dumb as a box of rocks", but now they know exactly what they are voting for, and they are rabidly happy doing exactly that.

    This country, as it has existed for several hundred years, is not going to last another hundred.
  • @Old_Joe I agree about the voters, but are we counting the period before the constitution as "several hundred years" or just the 235 since? It is unfortunate that our still wet behind its ears democracy--or "republic" as right-wingers frequently like to call it--appears far more fragile than our history books taught us. But what empire has lasted? Ours is a twinkling compared to Egypt or Rome. One would hope, though, that the democratic principle would be made of sturdier stuff.
  • ...Standards. Who needs 'em? Just do whatever you can get away with. And having drunk the Kool-Aid, we can't even SEE the prospect of the destruction we are bringing on ourselves. MAGA MAGA MAGA!
  • edited September 5
    "But what empire has lasted? Ours is a twinkling compared to Egypt or Rome."

    Exactly. Anyone who assumes that the United States as constituted is somehow exempt from the twists and turns of history, and guaranteed longevity, is a fool.


  • Old_Joe said:

    "But what empire has lasted? Ours is a twinkling compared to Egypt or Rome."

    Exactly. Anyone who assumes that the United States as constituted is somehow exempt from the twists and turns of history, and guaranteed longevity, is a fool.

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