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  • That would be a breath of fresh air now wouldn't it.
  • As we all know there are many subtleties to overall financial and economic situations. Sometimes there is even disagreement between "experts" in the fields.

    As we also know from years of discussion here on MFO, the great majority of individuals cannot even construct a reasonable picture of their own personal financial situation, or make reasonable projections in that area.

    How then could we expect these very same people to understand national and international financial and economic matters with any degree of accuracy?

    a) They really don't care.
    b) If information isn't presented to them via some kind of "social media" it isn't real anyway.
    c) No amount of information presented via the MS media is going to be read or believed in any case.

    So let's put the responsibility for all of this exactly where it belongs:
    People- Ignorant and Proud of It.
  • Careful @OJ - I think Qanon, the oath keepers the proud boys or all 3 might have trademarked that slogan.
  • How to get off-topic threads to appear in Discussions?
  • @davidrmoran - click on the gear wheel in your original post and select 'Edit'

    From there you should be able to change the "Category' you wish your discussion to appear in.
  • sure, but does not address the question ...
  • Sorry. Off-Topic threads were restricted to their own space ever since the great political blowout on this forum. You can only see them if you specifically click on the Off-Topic category.
  • edited March 2022
    @davidrmoran - The Off-Topic posts are not allowed to appear anywhere other than the actual OT section. This was a compromise that David made some years ago, when there were a fair number of complaints from posters who did not want to see any OT stuff mixed in with the financial posts. It was either that or get rid of the OT posts altogether. The general idea was that those interested in OT discussions would know where to find them, and those who are not interested (evidently the majority of posters) would not have to sort through them.

    That compromise depends upon the poster to use good judgement in selecting the posting category, and that has really worked quite well. Lately I've noticed a few OT posts in the financial categories, but they've generally been uncontroversial and pretty harmless.

  • edited March 2022
    k, ty all (esp OJ, old pal);

    why would anyone designate their post OT (my bad, yes) if they wanted anyone to read it?
    (rhetorical question)
  • Yes, sometimes it's very tempting. But then, there's a very select and exclusive contingent who know where the good stuff really is, and tend to hang out there. (You know who you are.)
  • @Old_Joe : Are you referring to top shelf ? " But then, there's a very select and exclusive contingent who know where the good stuff really is"
  • @Derf- You are a member in good standing.
  • I check OT on a regular basis and happy to see the political "alternative facts" confined to that board !
  • got it

    still unclear on the concept, except for the obvious political hot opining and such

    but why would this have wound up there?
  • @davidmoran: my kids tell me that the cause of unexplained phenomena is “user error.”
  • Yeah, rono just miscategorized that post. "Other Investing" would have been appropriate. "User error" indeed. :)
  • there are a ton such, and the one I cited is like 11y old
  • @davidmoran- I've sent you a note explaining much of the backstory on this.

  • Indeed, tyvm

    Thoughtful responses tk

  • edited March 2022

    According to the long-running Michigan Surveys of Consumers, a plurality of Americans say that their personal financial situation is better than it was a year ago. This is consistent with estimates suggesting that despite inflation most people saw rising real income in 2021. You can quibble with the estimates, but it’s clear that no major group is substantially worse off. And it’s worth remembering, for historical context, that blue-collar real wages declined steadily for most of the Reagan era, which didn’t stop voters from seeing that era as one of economic triumph thanks to strong job growth.

    partisanship triumphant:

    Republicans ... feel worse about the economy than they did in June 1980, when unemployment was above 7 percent and inflation was 14 percent.
  • Must be them alternate facts kicking in again.
  • Wow! I'm so impressed by you elite bunch of arrogant pricks that I don't think I deserve to share the same pages with you. Enjoy each other. I'm out.
  • edited March 2022
    Well, I suspect that he isn't a happy camper. I've been called worse, but that "elite" part really hurt.

    Once again I have to admire the faultless logic of their point-by-point response, buttressed with verifiable facts. Really hard not to be impressed by that.
  • I don’t think the media is too negative, but ignores the more important negatives while fixating on less important ones. Why does this story receive less attention than inflation and Ukraine?
  • +1 old joe
  • ga6742 said:

    Wow! I'm so impressed by you elite bunch of arrogant pricks that I don't think I deserve to share the same pages with you. Enjoy each other. I'm out.

    What is this in response to ?
  • Ummm, mainly you, me, and Mark, I would guess.
  • What, not whom.

    Sure about the personnel. I just wonder ... what content? Such odd phrasing. Someone totally devoted to the belief that things are actually horrible?
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