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  • Completely agree bee. I’ve done a little myself I’m not taking RMD’s, not there yet. This was done in my taxable account. In fact, most of the tax harvesting was from bond funds.
  • Completely agree bee. I’ve done a little myself
  • For me it's not necessarily about "beating" the index returns. It's more about can you get the returns you need with LESS volatility, better SD and other metrics vs a particular index. Matt
  • I was a long time holder of FPACX but about 2 1/2 years ago I decided to bail. Very happy I did I believe there are many better options going forward. I do believe the increase increase in AUM has hurt the fund among other issues.
  • FD fair point. Do you have any thoughts or opinions about IOFIX. For example, I was surprised that it has a risk profile of 2. Also, when I compared monthly returns it faired very well in down periods and better than many other MU oefs.
  • There is so much talk and hype regarding IOFIX that I decided to check it out. Although it is very expensive for a bond fund, its returns are phenomenal and its metrics appear to be very reasonable for the most part.  Even the SD is reasonable rela…
  • Excellent points msf! I couldn’t agree more. There’s much more to consider than just investment returns. Although each approach has its merits I’m beginning to lean towards a pay down over time. I’m not sure interest rates are going to go much lo…
  • Sorry for the delayed response; I have been off-line for a few days! Thank you ALL for your sage input and analysis!!! I follow most of what is expressed/stated and if I interpret it as intended, it appears to me that: 1) paying off the mortgage i…
  • To answer your first question Hank, the money to pay off the mortgage would come from a taxable account. Yes, I would incur some cap gains, but not too much that would put me into another tax bracket. I have a fair share already in cash doing 2% o…
  • I am trying to decide whether to pay off a fairly new 30-year (4% fixed) mortgage or ride it out the term or pay additional principle and reduce the payoff time. I am not using complicated math, just rudimentary figures and math. I guess conventio…
  • I second Gary1952, AKREX it’s an excellent fund. I’ve been transitioning POGRX into AKREX for two years and am very happy that I did. The risk/reward profile is far superior to primecap. It is a bit pricey though.
  • +2 MikeM Not going to happen.
  • Thanks all who responded. Appreciate the thoughts. Any further suggestions or withdrawal strategies greatly welcomed. Matt
  • sfnative, thanks for the insight!!! Do you are anyone else have any thoughts or opinions regarding the long-term viability of holding onto this fund? I've had it for several years and it has been good, but going forward I do have "some" reservatio…
  • Thanks msf!!! It certainly seems this fund is positioned for rising rates; not sure if that is going to come to fruition any time soon. I do not want to bail in PONAX/PIPNX, especially now, but i am a bit conflicted. Any thoughts?
  • I’d like to echo the concern over the extremely poor performance recently, in particular the month of August. Any other thoughts on why PIMCO income is performing so poorly relative to its category and peers? It seems to defy logic. Is this …
  • Thanks hank and Derf!!!
  • Ema_Jack, thank you for the thoughts and links. I will check them out. I was a contractor for most of my career, now just part and no defined benefit plan. Derf, i do not see a link to the article or its name. Could you try again, please? Old_…
  • Correct hank and thx
  • I understand the hoopla around Primecap funds given its history, and I own a small chunk of POGRX, down from a significant percent of my portfolio. I am interested in the forum's thoughts on the Family and these funds. Although the long-term retur…
  • Thank you all for the links and thoughts!!! Interesting article bee!! hank, you are right the TRP retirement calculator is interesting and of some value!! Any other suggestions are very welcome; a wide breathe of info is the only way to valuable …
  • Thx all for your thoughts and inputs!!! Please keep this conversation going. The more informed I can be the better choices I will make (I hope). Matt
  • Another great resource. Thx Rbrt. Please give me more thoughts and suggestions.
  • Thx for the replies!!! Any other input would be greatly welcomed. Matt
  • Agreed Mike. The only point I was trying to make with age is that you buy the manager And until it’s proven the other managers cannot continue to perform at a high level then I am going nowhere. This fund has been very good to me. I’m staying i…
  • VF I was referring to an article on m* which was referring to his time at Hennessy. I should have been clearer. Still no reason for his departure either. Yes age is a concern but I am willing to give it some time.
  • Mr. Akre has a good reputation of training successors; i would not be too worried at this point. FYI: I have a significant amount invested in AKRIX/AKREX.
  • Last Friday at 9pm i got an email from FIDO telling my FSMEX is closed effective IMMEDIATELY! I contacted FIDO and they had no answer as to why there was NO NOTICE given, other than they did not want a rush of $$$$'s into the fund. I do not recall…
  • Thanks everyone for your thoughts and suggestions!!! wxman123, if understand you correctly, you are using VWALX as your "core" muni holding and supplementing it with other muni's? I currently own GHYAX, Goldman Sachs HY muni; how (un)wise would it…
  • First, thanks everyone for your input, suggestions and recommendations!!! Second, In opposition to my original post, I decided to invest in a HY muni OEF (GHYAX; Goldman Sachs). I am now looking to partner GHYAX with another muni fund with shorter…
  • Mark, Vegomatic I have thought about those options but I have very little knowledge about them. I know I need to educate myself. Do you have suggestions so I can make an informed choice? Thx Matt
  • Thanks everyone!! Crash, I live in Florida, no state tax, of course. MikeM and others, FZDXX has a nice yield but no Cap. Apprec. My thoughts were as AndyJ stated "not something I'd count on from where we are now". I'm just not crazy about HY b…
  • I’ve owned it for decades but have reduced pct over the Years. I’m inclined to sell all shares. As previously stated it runs hot and cold AND there are better options I believe.
  • Temporary phenomenon; get ready to add by year's end.
  • I recently invested in HMY (MMHAX) mainstay mackay (LW at FIDO). I've been watching this category for a while and decided a few weeks ago to dip my toe. Any thoughts? Too late? Too early? I've been invested in Muni's before but not HYM. I'm a …
  • Mine too. But it pays 5+ seven-day yield. As long as it stays steady, I’m good.
  • If he pulls this off, absolutely!!
  • Thx to those who responded to my inquiry!!
    in SS Comment by mcmarasco May 2018
  • Thx catch!! I'll checked the SS website, but I probably need to talk to someone at SS to get a specifics and a complete understanding to determine if it is to my benefit to do so!
    in SS Comment by mcmarasco May 2018
  • A little off-topic but regarding SS. I have 2 young children and will be able to receive SS while they are in middle and high school. My understanding is that I can collect up to 50% of my FULL benefits for each child while they are in school, up …
    in SS Comment by mcmarasco May 2018