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4 funds that provide shelter from the storm

4 funds that provide shelter from the storm

Mentioned: Fidelity® Intermediate Bond (FTHRX), Vanguard LifeStrategy Growth Inv (VASGX), FPA Crescent (FPACX), Vanguard Wellington™ Inv (VWELX)


  • @johnN
    The only fund here that I have confidence in is VWELX and even then, if you want shelter I’d pick VWINX. VWINX is one of my funds that I have held for years and feel confident doing so. No homer’s not even doubles, but consistent singles. If I could only pick one fund I think VWINX would be “the one”. Don’t get me wrong, I like buying other funds and trying to maximize returns, but so far VWINX has been solid.
  • FPACX holding 31% in CASH. That fund has been sitting on a bunch of CASH for way too long. It has lost its mojo.
  • @Crash, I agree, I think it got too big. The strategy was and may still work great with a smaller asset base.
  • I was a long time holder of FPACX but about 2 1/2 years ago I decided to bail.

    Very happy I did I believe there are many better options going forward.

    I do believe the increase increase in AUM has hurt the fund among other issues.
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