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"poor" Nancy got caught

edited September 2020 in Off-Topic

As expected, she claimed a "set up" and wants the salon's owner to apologize



  • The hair stylist who did Pelosi's hair suggests it was a setup...we'll see where this little side show leads us.....
    In a statement issued by his lawyer, hair stylist Jonathan DeNardo appeared to agree with Pelosi's accusation that her appointment at eSalon on Monday was "a setup" designed to embarrass the Democrat for allegedly ignoring coronavirus rules, according to reports.
  • edited September 2020
    Classic Whataboutism: A hair salon versus the most powerful man in the world lying about the dangers of the disease, not implementing enough shutdowns soon enough, lying about potential cures, not manufacturing enough masks or producing enough tests early enough and thus costing thousands of lives and billions in extra economic losses.
    Oh by the way, your culturally appropriating the language of The Wire--"got got"--is pretty hilarious. That's like a lady from Danbury saying "True That."
  • edited September 2020
    thought Nancy was the smartest person in House of Representatives
    She may have 'sit-in' POTUS Nov 4th [if we do have a Tied up ball game and Pence forfeit being 'temporary president]
  • John, where do you come up with these scenario's?
  • edited September 2020
    @_Mark - hi Sir. HOR: 269-269 Nov 3rd, Congress will vote - if 50-50 voted in Congress, House of representative would be interim POTUS until they figure something out, I believe. I could be wrong, saw youtube video few months ago.

    extremely rare scenario

    In the United States, a contingent election is the procedure used in presidential elections in the event that no candidate wins an absolute majority of votes in the Electoral College, the constitutional mechanism for electing the president and the vice president of the United States. A contingent election for the president is decided by a vote of the United States House of Representatives, and the contingent election for the vice president is decided by a vote of the United States Senate. The contingent election procedure, along with the other parts of the presidential election process, was first established in Article Two, Section 1, Clause 3 of the United States Constitution, and then modified by the 12th Amendment in 1804.

  • The problem with Pelosi is the fact she was lecturing about wearing a mask, keep a distance, keep businesses close, defund the police, but she has protection.

    Similar to someone who talks about the environment but uses big vehicles, airplanes and lives in a big house that uses lots of electricity.
  • The USAToday explanation is what would happen if federal elections were delayed. They're not being delayed. That would likely take an act of Congress.

    The present concern is not whether the Electoral College vote would be tied (in which case Trump would likely get reelected, since a majority of states have majority Republican delegations). Rather, the concern is what happens if there's uncertainty about the validity of one or more state's electoral college delegations. See 1876.

    Should the matter not be resolved by Jan 20th, Trump and Pence would be out. Until the matter was resolved, the presidential line of succession would be followed. That would leave the new Speaker of the House (with the new Congress seated January 3nd) as interim President. The 20th Amendment (Section 3) gives Congress the right to enact a law giving the presidential order of succession. The Presidential Succession Act is the law is where it says the Speaker of the House comes after the VP.

    For a clearer and better footnoted explanation than the above, see:

    However, it seems to imply that neither Pelosi nor McCarthy (depending on new House majority) could be Speaker if the Calif. delegation were contested. That wouldn't matter. Being a member of Congress is not a requirement to be Speaker.

  • Perhaps POTUS should try out Pelosi's hair dresser for a welcome change.
  • FD1000 said:

    The problem with Pelosi is the fact she was lecturing about wearing a mask, keep a distance, keep businesses close, defund the police, but she has protection.

    I doubt Pelosi has called to defund the Police. You just wish you could make that an issue. I’ll say this - if (similar to teachers) they had to buy their own bullets, maybe they would use them more judiciously. A little levity from Chris Rock $5000 per bullet
  • FD, you right-on as usual.
  • ""People will do what they do"
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