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I need a top performing International or World fund which lost < 30% during the 2008 crisis

I currently own ARTGX and FMIJX. Any ideas?


  • Off the top of my head, SGENX, which lost about 21% during 2008. It is considered a more defensive fund compared to others.
  • ARTKX is close with 30.11% loss, but you already own ARTGX managed by the same managers.
  • @willmatt72: thanks, I didn't realize I could buy SGENX at Fidelity without their customary load.
  • Yes, indeed. Fidelity and Vanguard removed many of the TF and loads about a year or so ago. Maybe longer.
  • I added SICNX last year. Already I own MINIX (closed). I've added to Emerging markets, equity and bonds.
  • mrc70 said:

    ARTKX is close with 30.11% loss, but you already own ARTGX managed by the same managers.

    Is ARTKX open again? It's been closed to new investors for years, and M* still shows it that way. Recent announcement?

  • TedTed
    edited February 2018
    @BrianW & MFO Members: Althought it wasn't around in 2008, I highly recommend MGGPX. I just purchased some more C shares MSOPX today.
    M* Snapshot MGGPX:
  • @Ted, Goldman Sachs does have some nice funds, I have their MSEGX, which seems to have similar returns, but with less International. Not an easy ride at times, but rewarding.
  • @Slick: You mean Morgan Stanley does have some nice funds ?
  • edited February 2018
    Oops right . I do have one GS fund subadvised by Jain which I added recently. Must have not had enough coffee this am.
  • ARTKX is closed.
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • @Maurice: Thanks for the input.
  • edited February 2018
    Re HSIEX. I’m missing something here. Lipper scores it lowest (1) on: Total Return, Consistent Return and Expenses. (But rates it highest (5) for Preservation). Shows a negative return for 3 years. What’s to like here?
    Maurice said:

    I guess what I'm saying is that maybe your criterion is not realistic.

    There ya go. I was wondering the same thing. T. Rowe’s Spectrum International (PSILX) lost over 40% in ‘08 or I would have nominated it. Not exactly what you’d call an aggressive fund. International funds generally got hit harder than domestic in ‘08.

  • MSFBX lost 29.05% in 2008 and is load-waived at Fidelity.
  • @carew388: interesting fund. Similar performance with ARTGX (along Growth leaning).
  • @carew388: the only issue is I can't be sure the same Managers who got it through 07-09 period are still there. It is managed by committee and several members have left.
  • @carew388: it will take a while to research all of the Managers, but thanks for an interesting fund.
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • carew388 said:

    MSFBX lost 29.05% in 2008 and is load-waived at Fidelity.

    This group was previously led by the folks that now run Independent Franchise Partners.
  • @JoJo26: Can you provide more details? You mentioned they were previously led. The purpose of my request is to research who was responsible for the 2008 performance.
  • Hassan Elmasry, Michael Allison, Jayson Vowles, Paras Dodhia (left IFP in 2015)
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • @JoJo26: Thanks for the information.
  • I misread 2008 crisis as 2008 calendar year. The SGENX SGOVX allocation funds had maximum drawdowns of 32.6 and 32.1 respectively, even with their allocations to bonds and gold, so I would be curious to know which international/world funds bettered that performance.
  • msf
    edited February 2018
    M* reports a drawdown for SGENX of 36.3% (5/19/08 - 3/6/09), or if you want to keep it within 2008, a drawdown of 34.9% (5/19/08 - 11/20/08).

    Here's the cumulative return chart for the wider range (you can mouse over to get returns for shorter periods).

    FWIW, Yahoo Finance closing and adjusted closing prices for these dates are:
    05/19/08: $46.50 ($32.31 adjusted)
    11/20/08: $30.21 ($21.03 adjusted)
    03/06/09: $27.59 ($20.61 adjusted, after div of $2.453 on 12/17/08)

    Give or take rounding error of 0.1%, the Yahoo and M* figures match.

    MFO may have different (smaller) drawdown figures because of differences in defining "drawdown". I just sort of eyeballed it, looking for the highest (not last) peak before a general downward trend. Likewise, I looked for the lowest (not earliest) trough before a general upward trend. Shorten the period by using a later peak and earlier trough and the drawdown will be less.

    Regardless, SGENX dropped about 35% between May and November 2008 - whether you want to consider that one drawdown or a sequence of drawdowns. And it lost even more over the stretch from May 2008 to March of 2009.

    P.S. I assumed that a 30% calendar year loss was intended as a proxy for a higher maximum acceptable loss (e.g. 3/8 or 37.5%) over the full decline (from Spring 2008 to Spring 2009). I'm not aware of "real" funds (e.g. excluding MMFs, Treasuries, and such) that declined less than 30% overall.
  • As pointed out, my requirements were flawed. However, I have received two funds out of this conversation to look at further, SGENX and MSFBX.
  • @Mark: OGINX was down -42.11 in 2008 alone.
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