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  • Confidential and Insider Information from 3 CFP's and their Firms that require $1 Million or more to Hire them..( 2 firms Require $2.5 mil) and they get 1.5% fee's the 1st 5 yras well. Its the Old you get what you pay for..

    I have suggested to all and any getting strated and advanced investors that aren't totally satisfied with Their Perofrmance
    1- Staret out with VWINX for 1st 5 yrs while go ing thru your Apprentice investment training
    2-then Build onto that Bal Fund with Equity funds( Using VWINX for your Aggressive Bond investing and to Borrow From and to go to in times of Fear/Panic)
    3- MEF's( Multy Equity funds- using VTI as your Benchmark fund to beat
    5- and Invest Eqully into those MEF's ( Yes, own all 4)

    If you insist on Using VG's Index funds and Just want to be Average, the BMG..I went down that Road of being Brainwahsed and it Failed me as I did them..

    and it was a good thing I searched out Pro. CFP's and got the heads up on these Fund
    April 2017