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Starting a "fund me" account. You will help out, yes ???

edited February 2016 in Off-Topic

Well, "fund me" online accounts are started for a variety of reasons, eh? Many of the reasons are very valid and/or worthy causes.

I/we and our portfolio does, IMO; fit into both the valid and worthy causes category. We're still working on a title for this.
But, something along the line of "getting arse kicked in investments markets, please help" is high on the list.

You will help out, yes?

Lastly, your submittal of a worthy title name for the account page is most welcome. I am sure the group here will have some very excellent title wording choices.

Thank you.


  • I'm fetched! Are kittens involved?
    Rewards for helping out at certain price points?
    Almost seems easier to play the stock market!

    Hint: nobody funds cancer, whether in animals or humans, cuz that's a goner. But folks do fund survivors. So maybe you need a survivor in the mix ... (insert lots of smiley faces).
  • Starving, homeless children needing fresh water on the Streets of Flint?
  • "Help me beat Wall Street"

    Has worked for Bernie Sanders to get funded in millions.
  • Madoff/Ponzi Strategic Income Fund?
  • On the home page be sure to have the Lord/God (pick one or go generic) praised or blessing something, show the American flag and toss in some military members or veterans. Wounded veterans work best but make no mention of the Wounded Warrior Project. "Show Me the Money" worked for Cuba Gooding but maybe that's trademarked by now.
  • "Help me beat Wall Street"... worked real good for Madoff too, as I see little5b mentions above.
  • Did anyone watch the Madoff docudrama this week? I just finished Episode 1 today while on my's pretty good. Richard Dreyfus plays Madoff.
  • Geez, am I the only one of you peeps that envisions a 'give me oral sex' account?

    (yeah, you can bleep this)

    and so it goes,



  • My goodness rono! You old prevert!!
  • Interesting submittals to this point............

    Perhaps, a never fail, simple investment plan will be revealed that will "fund" our portfolio. A pure technical program, as fundamentals seem to be failing here and there.
    I do believe the Flint water situation already has online accounts of various natures in place. The "fund me" element is taking shape from federal, state and private sources.
    Also, Michigan's balanced budget is going to have a re-do. The end result is going to be tax increases and adjustment of other projects. All U.S. taxpayers are going to cough monies for the water fix. If Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden ever wanted a real "shovel ready" project, this is it...........well, I should say this is the being. Several thousand other American cities will be lined up in the next few months for a "fix" from ancient water supply systems. Hell, unemployment could drop to 4.5%; not to be confused with the real "under-employed", U-6 data.
    @vkt Beat Wall St. has a nice ring..........
    @little5bee @Mark @Old_Joe...........appears someone may have watched the "Here's Bernie" show. I could do the military veteran part..........but, I will steer away from any religious connotation.
    @rono............oh, my ! Now, I'm sitt'in here typing along and thinking about your suggestion while at the same time with the vision of your providing additional input to a group of Master Gardener's about helping with a local community project.

  • I see a pony. A little girl, sitting side-saddle, with dimples, big curls, and a fluffy white dress, like Rhett and Scarlet's daughter in Gone With The Wind.

    Oh, wait! She fell off and snapped her neck, didn't she? Hmmm.... maybe better to go with just the pony.:)

    Pump Our Sunset Ride
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