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  • Easy to overlook smallish companies with growth like multiples in an old economy industry, especially when it does not pay regular dividends!
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    Limit order at $30.00.

  • Foreign tickers on OTC/Pink Sheets that end in "F" (e.g. ATGFF, etc) trade on foreign exchanges and there may be additional foreign exchange fee by the brokerage (often $50 on top of the normal fees/commissions).

    On the other hand, foreign tickers that end in "Y" are the US traded ADRs (e.g. European RHHBY, Japanese SFTBY, etc). These have normal US brokerage fees. Many have both versions, e.g. foreign traded RHHBF, SFTBF, etc.

    Unfortunately, AltaGas/ATGFF doesn't have an ADR version.
  • @yogibearbull. Thanks for looking out for me! Appreciate the reply.
  • @Crash "I'd been wanting to hop on the Natgas gravy train, these days". Really

    Good luck with the NG, Derf
    P.S. My chuckle
    for the day ! TUVM
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    I'd guess more like something that you may have expelled discharged...
  • Derf said:

    @Crash "I'd been wanting to hop on the Natgas gravy train, these days". Really

    Good luck with the NG, Derf
    P.S. My chuckle
    for the day ! TUVM

    A few years ago I thought Natgas would eventually be seen as a darling and bought ALOT (for me) and kept buying on the dips to a point where it became a bottomless pit. The whole energy sector was deemed "uninvestable." I eventually started selling on bounces and ended up with a substantial though tolerable loss. It was without question the worst and most prolonged and painful bear markets I have ever personally experienced (and this is from someone whose played around with gold minors for decades)!
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    At one time the price of nat gas ran opposite that of crude oil on many days. That’s partially because the gas was a necessary (somewhat unwanted) byproduct of oil drilling / fracking and the market for gas was saturated - so they needed to sell it off cheaply. I don’t follow this closely, but suspect that’s no longer the case. A second reason gas may behave differently than crude is its use for air conditioning in warmer months.

    Yep - I’ve watched oil prices since the gas lines of the 70s (of which I partook). No way I know of to forecast the price. Even T. Boone Pickens got it wrong near the end. He’d steadfastly predicted a rebound for years before he died. His forecast came to fruition too late to do him any good.

    Reminds one of the old saw about “In the long run …” :)

    BTW - Today’s (supposedly informed) pundits on Bloomberg don’t seem to think the Strategic Petroleum Reserve releases will have much long range impact on oil prices. Remains to be seen of course.
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    MikeM said:

    Looks similar to JHQAX @hank. Investing in equities but a sleep well fund.

    Generally true, but not today. JHQAX lost 1.65%! More than the Dow, the S&P or the NASDQ.

    Quite an unusual performance for a hedged fund.


  • Donut day ? white frosting with coconut my favorite
  • JEPI down .32 %
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    @Mike was referencing GATEX which I’d just bought. Owned a decade or more ago and had been considering for a while when a spot opened up in the portfolio. As I understand, the fund owns a portfolio of equities similar to the S&P, but generates income by selling puts on some. That in return reduces both profitability and volatility. Looks like it’s retained maybe 70% of the S&P’s return over the past few decades with a bit over half the volatility. Off .86% today. An old fund under the Natixis umbrella. A bit steep on fees (.94%). Big - but not nearly so huge as PRWCX which it runs even with on many days. I have it in my “alternative” sleeve along with about a half-dozen different approaches - thinking that something ought to work.

    You are right that the approach is quite different from JHQAX which I believe to be a long - short fund.
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    Bought an equity fund today which is a rarity for me - TRMCX. Will use a tight stop of around 3%. Still have exposure to a bank loan fund. Recently bought a hybrid bank loan/corporate junk fund. Don’t particularly like junk but has been performing better recently.
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    Limit order on UNB didn't "take." That same money will buy shares in BHB, Bar Harbor Bankshares. ME, NH, VT. Limit order is in, at the current market price, for Friday morning, 01 April, '22. $28.62. M* says it's an -8% discount. "Simply Wall Street" says it's much more of a discount. That's a universal thing over there at SWS. They must be calculating discount/premium differently, somehow. 3.35% div. (Edit: Oops. SINGLE STOCK. Maybe should have stuck this one in "other investing.")
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    @hank, JHQAX is not a long/short fund anymore than GATEX is. They both hedge the market using options, puts. JHQAX and GATEX both hedge the market using options trading. In that they are very similar and in the same category - options trading. Personally, I don't want to own a classic long/short fund.

    Options trading and short selling are similar but different and it can be confusing.

    Put Options
    Put options offer an alternative route of taking a bearish position on a security or index. When a trader buys a put option they are buying the right to sell the underlying asset at a price stated in the option. There is no obligation for the trader to purchase the stock, commodity, or other assets the put secures. ...Put options can be used either for speculation or for hedging long exposure. Puts can directly hedge risk.

    Short Selling
    Short selling is a bearish strategy that involves the sale of a security that is not owned by the seller but has been borrowed and then sold in the market. A trader will undertake a short sell if they believe a stock, commodity, currency, or other asset or class will take a significant move downward in the future. ...Short selling is far riskier than buying puts. With short sales, the reward is potentially limited—since the most that the stock can decline to is zero—while the risk is theoretically unlimited—because the stock's value can climb infinitely. short selling and buying,if the market moves up.
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    Thanks for the clarification @MikeM. Lipper must have both in the wrong category. It calls JHQAX long-short and GATEX market neutral. Obviously the second is wrong. And I’ll take your word they have JHQAX miscategorized as well. I know little about it, having never owned or seriously considered it.
  • Regarding Puts & Calls, there is the Put/Call Ratio commented on by McClellan Financial:
    When the market changes its mood, indicators can sometimes change theirs to match. That is the message of this week’s chart.

    Traders and analysts have been watching the Put/Call Ratio ever since the late Martin Zweig first called attention to it decades ago. In his 1986 book Winning On Wall Street, Zweig described his research in the 1960s, digging through figures from the Securities and Exchange Commission going back as far as WWII, and noticing that “…when options investors got too optimistic - - buying lots of calls and shunning puts - - the stock market was generally heading for trouble. The reverse was also true.”

    The persistent problem over the years has been in determining what constitutes “high” and “low” readings for the Put/Call Ratio. This task is best done in retrospect, but we have to analyze and trade in realtime. And that can be hard.

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    Sold VUSFX a few weeks ago in taxable account to harvest tax loss.
    Placed order yesterday to purchase 13 wk Treasuries at 05/09 auction.

    Sold RCTIX a few weeks ago in Roth IRA account after an abrupt manager departure.
    Placed order yesterday to purchase 13 wk Treasuries at 05/09 auction.

    VWILX is getting hammered YTD and for the trailing 12 month period.
    Placed order today to purchase a few additional shares in my Roth IRA account.
  • Sold off over half my TAIL this week. Went from 7-8% weighting to about 3%. Probably too soon. Designed strictly as a hedge. Haven’t made $$ with it yet - but has dampened volatility. Found better uses for the $$.
  • Energy stocks holding things up for me this year with portfolio at -.5%. Worst I own is Teledoc. YTD -60%.
    A sinking ship maybe.
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    Bought some BHB at $25.98, that's 2 cents under my desired limit-order price. OK. Also a smidgeon of ET at $10.80. Bad day for the stock. Oil/gas-Midstream.
  • edited May 2022
    Bought a little bit of everything. DKNG, RIO, ENOR, GLDB, AJG, GATEX, PRPFX, ABRZX, BAMBX. Guess that makes 9. A wicked market pushed around by the big players - hedge funds, short sellers and specialty funds using momentum strategies. Hard to keep from getting steam-rolled.

    3.29% down on S&P today. 4.3% down on the NASDAQ. This misery could last a long time. Not your father’s stock market.
  • Stuck to my Bear plan and let pre-set BUY limit orders fill for SPLG and ONEQ. These are to be core long term holds. Only a few shares of EDOW hit today. Spent much time this evening adding new limit traps for the next round.

    Fractional shares of MSFT, GOOG and V were added for s/t trading purposes. Bear markets can still have massive "dead cat bounce" rallies smack in the middle of the deluge. Expect it.

    Went for some yield with JEPI (a Carew388 favorite) adding just a few shares.
  • edited May 2022
    Down -20% lol

    Dead monies now paperloss

    Learnt lessons sticks w what you are good more puts order...made lots $$ in puts last bears trapped

    30% bitcoin traders bankrupted??!!

    Can't do anything but hang on for the ride tides
  • edited May 2022
    Added to OPGSX which appears to have gone nowhere in a year. Opened small spec position in GLTR which invests an a mix of precious metals. Had a buy order in on DKNG AT $10, but it rebounded after touching about $10.40. Did buy a bit at $11 yesterday. (currently $11.36)

    I like the action in gold having followed it closely for a few years. Near the bottom of a trading range it’s been in for a year or two. Several macro developments may help - including the recent decline in Bitcoin
  • FSAGX has gone nowhere as well.
  • edited May 2022
    For folks interested in short terms / near bottom formations

    Friends say CPI data could cause inflections point and major short term reversals patterns tomorrow/ could be short term bottom formations

    Sp500 severe resistance 3900s-3960s

    Vix and sp500 daily chart last few wks data could present severe oversold conditions and may cause temporary relieved rally next few days week to sp500 50 dma levels ( ~4300s 4350s)..

    Of course everything speculative
  • Switcher-oo: HY TRP TUHYX has been hammered. PRFRX is down, but not by much. I took some from Floating Rate PRFRX and bought shares in TUHYX. Lowers the cost basis, some.
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