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Captain of US aircraft carrier with growing coronavirus outbreak pleads for help



  • we gotta stop feeding this troll. .....
  • edited April 2020
    Do we not have a modern day George Patton in Captain Crozier?

    I'm thinking that, in good time and after review, the Commander in Chief will act to make this right.
  • After review?: I'm thinking Sean Hannity will test the waters first and then report back to DT as to what the base wants.
  • The Navy holds officers to a high standard. It used to be the case that running your ship aground was a career ender, even if the local harbor pilot was making the "suggestions" at the wheel.

    And IIRC, all the commanders in the recent string of incidents in the western Pacific were fired, or relieved, which typically leads to retirement.

    I knew his goose was cooked the minute the letter went public. Doesn't matter who is in the White House.
  • edited April 2020
    Beats having a grenade tossed in your tent.

    @WABAC - I'm fairly certain other commanders-in-chief wouldn't have let it come to that point. The lives of the crew would have mattered more than their ego.
  • Hey,,, you have to realized he/she has to post that stuff or their boss won't pay them their Russian ruble's.
  • rsorden said:

    He deserved to be relieved of his duty. Remember, military life is not civilian life, there is a chain of command and it must be adhered to PERIOD. Also, he likely set off undue panic among sailor families. And most importantly, he revealed to the world the location and current weakened status of a multi-billion carrier, threatening the lives of every sailor on board. He deserves to be stripped of his rank & thrown in the brig.

    You don't know the facts of this story, do you? What actually happened and what he actually did.
  • edited April 2020
    And we certainly don't know that he actually sent "20 or 30" copies of his letter, either. The only source for that claim is one of Trump's "acting" flunkies, who will say anything that might cover their sorry "acting" asses.
  • image
    Courtesy of The San Francisco Chronicle

    @Mona- Don't know if this is the same pic as your link- Twitter, Facebook and almost anything Google not allowed on our computers.

    Details of transmission not fully clear; heard some variance from above on MSNBC, I think it was, two ex-Navy analysts.
  • "Captain Crozier was faithful to his duty—both to his sailors and his country. Navy leadership sent a chilling message about speaking truth to power. The poor judgment here belongs to the Trump Admin, not a courageous officer trying to protect his sailors."
    Joe Biden, per The Guardian
  • We've all seen pics/videos of nurse/drs begging people to stay home. You know what's sad..... if this was soldiers on the front lines begging people to stay home there would be no the troops!! But yet people cram open stores on weekends, take the whole family to the grocery store etc... apparently not giving a damn about drs/nurses. Not on purpose but not taking it seriously enough.
    Pretty sad IMHO.
  • It would be helpful if the people at the top took this as seriously as they should. That's called leadership- taking your responsibilities seriously. As Captain Crozier did. It's too bad that HE isn't the president.
  • Captain Crozier failed the test and responsibility to complete his mission. If he cant do it in peacetime what would he do in war. Better to get him out now!!!
  • MSF: that one is a keeper. Crozier did what he had to do, and what he had to do doesn't surprise me--- given the ineptness and clownish stoopidity (sic) of the current administration.
  • Gary said:

    Captain Crozier failed the test and responsibility to complete his mission. If he cant do it in peacetime what would he do in war. Better to get him out now!!!

    How so? Is it possible that you too do not know the story details?
  • And just what test would that be @Gary. Failure to cover an egomaniac's ass at the risk of the live's of his men? I say he passed with flying colors. He saw a threat to his ship and his crew, he met the enemy and he stopped it. That's what our best and brightest do. Chief Bonespurs will never ever appreciate or know what that is like. If it becomes a movie I hope the ship is named the USS John S. McCain.
  • Howdy folks,

    The Capt knew that going public would cost him his career. However, he was willing to sacrifice himself to save his men. I suspect he tried normal channels first and was left with no options but who knows. Regardless, he broke the rules and must be disciplined
    . . . and yet he's a real hero and will always be one. He sacrificed himself for his men.


    And so it goes

    Peace and Flatten the Curve

  • I keep thinking about the blind obedience attitude our society had during the 60's and early 70's during Vietnam. It was unpatriotic to question political decisions that wasted so much youth and prolonged a war that history shows was led by political ego and arrogance. So much waste. Captain Crozier made a career ending decision he needed to make for his own conscience. The alternative would be a lot of American youth, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, sailors died - for what? How would the captain explain that to parents, spouses and young children - they died for what?
  • The honor of the commander-in-chief?
  • Old_Joe said:

    The honor of the commander-in-chief?

    @Old_Joe That is an oxymoron you just committed and are guilty of. SURELY you can see it, after proof-reading. (Giggle.)
  • Not nice calling the commander-in-chief a moron, even if accurate. What's an oxy, anyway? Some kind of extra heavy duty moron? If so, he's one of them too.:)
  • "I'm thinking that, in good time and after review, the Commander in Chief will act to make this right."

    @Old_Skeet- Well, so much for that...

    "On Saturday, President Trump weighed in, saying, “I thought it was terrible what he did.”
  • edited April 2020
    Yes ... I am disappointed as probably others are as well. I felt Captain Crozier was our modern day George Patton. General Patton made controversial comments which got him in trouble with superoirs. Indeed he was one of our best generals of all time.

    It has been reported that the investigation continues.
  • From the Washington Post Opinion page:

    Inside the ouster of Capt. Brett Crozier
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