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  • edited September 22
    Sven said:

    Will wait until the government shutdown storm to pass in 8 days.

    Might as well wait until the auto workers strike ends than too.:)

  • edited September 22
    Might be a long wait! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    UAW expanded the strike to 38 GM and Stellantis parts-distribution centers today.
  • Yup. Broken government. Even without a shutdown, it's a shit-show. Been like that for years. Because citizens no longer count. What counts is Big Money. THEY get their bread buttered.
  • edited September 26
    We have the cash to stay patient. This year our bonds have made solid gain while the stocks are spotty with many disappointments. Overall it has been a modest gain that at least exceeded this year inflation rate. That is good enough for us.

    Edit: Moody warns that us treasury will be downgraded if the government shutdown. UAW strike is still ongoing. Think we will have a volatile Halloween
  • edited September 26
    Bought starter position of BUI for income and broad domestic ute exposure.
  • edited September 26
    Added a little here and there. Is this the bottom?
  • hank said:

    Added a little here and there. Is this the bottom?

    I don't look for bottoms per se -- but opportunistic periods of volatility like this may give me some nice entry points on stuff I want to own for a long time.
  • Agreed. I think any of us in here would be glad to catch a stock or fund anywhere NEAR a Market-bottom. But I'm always dollar-cost-averaging into my selected stuff, anyhow, in small baby-bite-sized amounts.
  • It took the threat of a govt shutdown to get us off the recent highs? The 1 red flag for me has been the recent complacency in the equities market. That being said, I'd be shocked to see stocks make any major downward moves (i.e. -20% off highs = Bear).

    Buying these dips, cause why not. Hopefully better opps ahead. Need some solid volatility.

    Making ~5% in MMkt Funds is acceptable at some level. But lets face it - it's also boring.
  • edited September 26
    “Tongue in cheek” from me earlier. Like the kids saying “Are we there yet?”

    I’m optimistic for the simple reason that nothing was spared today. A bit unusual to see commodities, miners, utilities, energy, growth stocks, consumers staples, bonds etc. all dive in unison. Oh - JP Morgan put out a “buy” on DKNG today, now that the stock has doubled or tripled from where it began the year.

    FWIW - One of my trackers has 16 holdings (mostly funds) I follow - but don’t own. 15 were in the red today. None gained. TMSRX broke even - “outperforming” the 15 others. (BAMBX lost only a penny.)

    For the Giroux affectionados, TCAF fell 1.59% today to $24.76, putting it about a quarter below where it opened earlier in the year.
  • "JP Morgan put out a “buy” on DKNG today, now that the stock has doubled or tripled from where it began the year."

    and since I've been focusing on one particular stock, I'll mention that NHYDY was down today by only a single PENNY. Odd. But, OK. (Now, let's get that little booger back up to $8.00, eh?)
  • Government shutdown and rising rates on cash? Might be more than a dip ahead.

    Non sequitur department: On days like today, XBI and PTH were in the green. It never lasts.
  • Dipping more heavily into Utilities (FUTY) at 52 week lows.

    The rest of the market is hanging in there.
  • edited September 28
  • That was an interesting day. FINALLY some volatility.

    Started small positions in FSMEX (an oldie but goody) and DIVO.
    Added to SCHD, JEPI, FUTY (ended +1%), FMIL, FNILX, FMSDX, FPHAX, etc.

    Inverted yield curves pointing to a recession? meh. Perhaps "this time will be different".
  • edited October 4
    Before-hours limit order in for a handful more of TS Tenaris ADR.

    I recently posted about the newly authorized and opened Rosebank oilfield in the North of Scotland. A "Talking Head" on Bloomberg asserted only a few days ago that it's not so very big, and it will hardly move the needle to alleviate fuel costs for Britain--- once it starts to produce in a few YEARS from now... In fact, maybe that oil will get exported?

    Nevertheless, oil tubing will still be needed all over the world. In all sorts of places. And TS is the world's LARGEST provider of OCTG. The share price is down by a couple of dollars. As ever, I'm dollar-cost-averaging into it, like everything else in my stable.

  • bot some QQQ and VONG a week ago
  • edited October 5
    Added a bit this morning to a beaten down precious metals / natural resources CEF. Funds came from an international bond fund and a consumers staples stock that have held up relatively well adimst the recent carnage.

    Re: metals / Gold is flirting with $1800 level. I doubt it will stay below $1800 for long. But could be wrong.

  • Hi guys,

    Some old news.....
    In the pullback, bought some PP&L for Mrs. Pudd's IRA --- a small starting position. Bought it at a 52-week low. Will add from there. It's a long term hold.....she is still over 90% in CDs.
    Me? I'm still losing money in the market. I may soon have to ask for a loan from her 'til things get better down the road. As of right now, looking for the year end rally. Hoping to do some selling into it. Still worried about healthcare. Seems the beatings are never ending.

    God bless
    the Pudd

    p.s., Hank----love it! lol
  • PPL: the P/E scared me away, plus, it looks like currently they are not making a profit; they're running at a loss.
  • Adding more to 6 month T bill and RSIIX, River Park Strategic Income, Institutional. This fund is on NTF platform at Vanguard whereas Fidelity charges $50.

    David provided a detailed write-up on RSIIX/RSIVX.
  • Snagged some shares of IHI via limit orders. Medical device companies took another hit today.
  • edited October 20
    Limit-order going in tonight for some shares of TS Tenaris ADR: oil patch tubular goods. Elsewhere in the oil patch, ET Energy Transfer can't lately lose, even in spite of itself. Handsome un-realized return on that little booger.

    ...And the TS limit-order DID go through. I'm pleased.
  • Bought into a 17-week t-bill on Tuesday and yesterday’s investments in VTSAX and VDADX. This after moving a chunk of VG short-term corporates to the sidelines.
  • Heavy purchases of 2 yr treasury notes, small buy PVCMX, medium purchase PHYS, small buy stonks CME and ACGL
  • Today seems like as good a day as any to dump all of the Vanguard index funds from my taxable. They include VUIAX, VSIAX, VMVAX, VHYAX, and VCSAX. I think I can do better in each of the categories they cover. It is mainly inertia that has kept me from dumping them before now.

    I don't expect to reinvest the proceeds until after there is something like funding for the government going forward.
  • I don't expect to reinvest the proceeds until after there is something like funding for the government going forward.

    What government?
  • hank said:

    I don't expect to reinvest the proceeds until after there is something like funding for the government going forward.

    What government?

    Some say 'government' some say 'clown car' others say 'insane asylum.' I say: 'Time for another scotch.' :)

    B/S/W-wise, BUI and BME continue to look interesting on the decline. Might add to unlevered BUI below 18.50 and continue to waffle about starting a position in BME for the unlevered healthcare exposure at some point. ASGI is another unlevered infrastructure play but I'm iffy on 'abdrn' for some reason.

    I continue to stalk preferreds to buy (or add to) on declines. For tax purposes, I find their QDI much more attractive in my taxable account than 5% treasuries.

  • edited October 25
    “Some say 'government' some say 'clown car' others say 'insane asylum.' I say: 'Time for another scotch.':)

    Just priced coffee online. Anything good’s selling for $1 - $2 per ounce. Actually, you could buy a half decent bottle of scotch for what a pound of coffee costs now.

    Been playing around moving the deck chairs - well, bits and pieces of ‘em anyway. Sell @ $1.05 and buy something else for 97 cents. I think it’s called rotation. :)
  • Adding to TS in baby-sized bites. M* says the SP500 is 4.18% in energy.
    I'm at 17.63%.

    PRNEX. 10%
    ET. 4.41%. pipelines, midstream. Finalizing acquisition of Crestwood right now.
    TS 0.48% manufactures drilling pipes.
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