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Schwab Log-In?

edited February 2021 in Other Investing
From time to time lately I've been getting the following when I attempt to log in: "Feature temporarily unavailable."

Usually this clears upon my second log-in attempt, but today I keep getting that message repeatedly. Is anyone else seeing this also?

Thanks- OJ

Add: I finally was able to log in just now. I guess that it's just server overload.


  • @Old_Joe: keep at it! The effort will improve your mental acuity. LOL.

    I got it in my head the other night that I had to sell something right at the market’s open. Well, that day, the Schwab site was completely off-line because of GameStop shenanigans and I could do nothing. Later, I saw that the position had risen during the day and I felt smart because I had held on. Dumb, no?
  • @BenWP- Pointless- my mental acuity has deteriorated beyond redemption. I consider it a good day if I can remember my name. I knew it was all over when I finally had to turn on "spell check" a year ago.

    Seriously though, Schwab has been playing hard-to-get lately. Once there though, everything seems to be working just fine.
  • Maybe digesting TD Ameritrade is giving Schwab some IT issues !
  • Yes, hadn't thought about that. Could very well be the case.
  • It could be the tax season and people are doing their tax at the brokerages for free. For $40 one can get a copy of TurboTax deluxe and do that at your own pace.
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