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They're Angry, Not Stupid! Why Trump Is Likely To Win Again

Donald might well be elected again, exactly as he was in 2016: by swing-state Democrats who have had enough. And, Old_Skeet is one of them as I have had enough of the liberal dems.



  • Old Skeet- you the man! Im with ya all the way vis a vis our President!!
  • edited August 2020
    Hi sir Old_skeet...what ever you are smoking/enjoying i want some much energized recently...the new Ted @mfo...on fire...
    pls don't get into any troubles..we need you for Nov3rd

    Could be new civil war brewing
  • Change the "Not" to "And" and the "Is Likely" to "Could" in the Russian asset story's headline and it would be accurate.
  • edited August 2020
    @Old_Skeet- I'm curious... is there some reason that you are continually choosing to use a dubious source like zero hedge rather than a more conventional and believable source? Are you perhaps having difficulty finding any factual documentation for the zero hedge garbage?

    Maybe try Breitbart. That should do it.
  • No, they're definitely stupid if they vote for 4 more years of the current administration.
  • edited August 2020
    Old_Skeet said:

    Donald might well be elected again, exactly as he was in 2016: by swing-state Democrats who have had enough. And, Old_Skeet is one of them as I have had enough of the liberal dems.

    Excellent fact-based observation. This is the reason DJT won before. "They" still don't get it and never will. Other than hating the President how can anyone get onboard with the wacky proposals from the other side. Thank you for showing this new website I have not visited before.

    Old-Joe, the article is opinion. Doesn't matter the website. Would you prefer it on CNN or FN?
  • People who are relatively moderate (maybe even liberal) are scared of what they see happening around the country...but mainly if they tune in to Fox news once in a while. There is anarchy in the streets and it is absolutely true that this is occurring in cities that have been under democratic rule for decades. What's happening in NYC is unfathomable, Portland, Seattle, DC, Chicago too. I doubt people will choose that type of governance over Trump's brand of stupidity (and there is plenty of that to be sure). I'm all in on racial justice and respect for all and live my life that way every day, but I don't see that in this democratic party. Just pandering to true believers and hoping to drag enough Trump haters along for the ride. What proposals are they offering to help anyone? Open borders? Higher taxes? And, at bottom, Joe Biden is just a sad shadow of his former self. This country desperately needs a smart, savvy uniter, but Biden is not that guy (at this stage of his life, anyway)...nor are the influencers in the current democratic party. Does anyone really believe that we would be in a materially better place with coronavirus if Biden had been at the helm? Few can even agree on what "better" means in this context as slower spread relates to greater social control. I also see utter destruction for Biden in the debates and that should be enough to bring the reluctant Trump voters (now haters) back to the real choice confronting the country. Peace to all.
  • There is a law of diminishing returns. Everyone comes to the table with assumptions. If one has already drunk too much Trump Kool-Aid, then facts will matter less and less. The debates? If Trump tries that crap of leaving his own podium to go and stand behind Joe while he's trying to make a point, the tRumpster will get an earful from Joe. He did that with Clinton, and he got the response he was looking for. The Moderators were at fault. Joe is not a young man anymore. But he DOES live within Reality, unlike Orange Uncle Donald.
  • Saying "Joe is not a young man anymore" is accurate but an enormous understatement. Putting politics aside, there is a difference between being old and coming across as an old man. In context, Reagan and Trump were considered "old" but they did not seem like an old man you feel a little sorry for. Biden is clearly diminished and I suppose the never Trumpers won't care, but I think the rest of the country will. My guess right now is that Trump wins by a larger margin than the first time and I base that almost entirely on the competition. Pretty sad state of affairs actually.
  • Says the mysterious "Mines_Engineer" who joined MFO yesterday on August 23. Troll alert.
  • Especially since the identical verbiage was posted on another thread (mail fraud).
  • Figured it was a russian troll who works in a coal mine.
  • edited August 2020
    @Mines_Engineer It says under your profile: "Joined August 23." There's even a "Welcome Aboard!" message to you from the site on August 23rd as a new user. So if you've been part of MFO for over a decade is this "Mines_Engineer" a dummy account you created so you can troll the site anonymously? What is your ten-year-old MFO name?
  • "If you can't argue with facts" says the guy with no facts. What a joke. What a troll.
  • " at a scale heretofore never seen before in our nation's history "

    God, I love fancy writing like this.

    But seriously, this sounds like ... the "president" ? Can DT have joined the MFO discussion forum??

    "Hard Leftists," love that too, whatever it means.
  • May I inquire what type of mines?
  • How’s the weather in Moscow, Mines?
  • edited August 2020
    A "Hard Leftist" being anyone who doesn't see things according to the Mines_Engineer bible.

    Re "Mines Engineer" definition- a few possibilities:

    • A disgruntled unemployed coal-mine engineer from West Virginia
    • A disgruntled unemployed coal-mine engineer from Siberia
    • A Koch Industries employee
    • Perhaps a different kind of "mine": a troll attempting to place explosive posts at MFO
  • This really is Russky trolling! I was skeptical, but no longer. 'Holy Bible', bwahahaha, Socialist enslavement. More, more!
  • This really is Russky trolling! I was skeptical, but no longer. 'Holy Bible', bwahahaha, Socialist enslavement. More, more!

    Yup.... and lines like this.... "Unfortunately, the USA (and the globe) is almost entirely devoid of classical Liberals as they have been replaced by hard Leftists"

    Today we will go a trolling trolling trolling...

  • Merrily we troll along, troll along, troll along...
  • edited August 2020
    Methinks the lady/troll doth protest too much. From the way he obsessively repeats the term, Mining_Engineer could secretly really be into "hard leftists." It could be the name of a web site he visits.
  • well, hard something

    mineshaft, village people, russian fingers, not that there's anything wrong with any of that
  • edited August 2020
    Well, for sure he doesn't mean me. I may be a "leftist", but getting hard is only a memory... sigh...

    Nothing now but a soft leftist.
  • And who would call themselves a “mines engineer”? Wouldn’t the proper title be mining engineer? He scolded me for reading the [“hard right - bible loving”] Republican led Intel report instead of thinking for myself.
  • don't start!
  • So, watched the RNC convention last night flipping between FOX and MSNBC. I suggest this exercise to anyone who does not fully appreciate the division in the country or what Trump means when he says "fake news." I was blown away, for example, by the quality and vision of Tim Scott's speech. Flipped to MSNBC right afterwards expecting to see at least some praise (like Fox gave Biden after his speech) but instead saw angry commentators still trying to "correct Trump's lies" about COVID, claiming they "hated to do it" but felt the need to "protect the health of its viewers." Really? Then one MSNBC commentator noted that the fact that RNC speakers "attacked" the dems shows how desperate the party is. Did they watch the DNC? Very obvious that the dems talking point for the week will be to use the word "lie" as much as possible, but to have a panel of "news" commentators parroting that line during prime time convention coverage was disappointing to say the least. Flipped back to FOX and say what you will about the "slant" but but at least they had people expressing the other side's view. I wonder how many people watch MSNBC and think that's the "news" based on "facts" especially when they see that washed up Brian Williams trying to play journalist.
  • edited August 2020
    Unfortunately, by DeJoy's own admission that some of his changes have slowed down the mail (see link below), yet when he was asked yesterday's hearing about the changes, he knows nothing about it.


    "Unfortunately, this transformative initiative has had unintended consequences that impacted our overall service levels," DeJoy wrote in a memo sent this week and obtained by CNN."
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