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They're Angry, Not Stupid! Why Trump Is Likely To Win Again



  • We soon will find out about the Deep State. Some of you will be astounded about the enormous corruption that occurred in DOJ and FBI. for one thing, can you imagine that the associate assistant attorney general Bruce Ohr's wife Nellie worked for Fusion GPS. the organization that hired Christopher Steele who wrote the not truedossier ? This lead to an illegal application to the FISA Court. This is just small bit of info about what is coming.
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  • Cuomo and DeBlasio did a terrible job. Pro Publica lays it out
    Apparently Trump adopted some of their talking points months later:

    Dr. Mitchell Katz, the head of the city’s Health and Hospitals Corporation: “The good thing is greater than 99 percent will recover without harm.”

    Fox News Anchor Debunks Trump’s ‘99% Totally Harmless’ COVID Claim

    Cuomo: “The number will increase because it is math. The more people you test, the more positives you are going to find. I’m a little perturbed about the daily angst when the number comes out and the number is higher. Perturbed meaning, I’m perturbed that people get anxious every time the number goes up. The number has to go up if you continue to test.”

    Fox News, Trump defends coronavirus testing comment, says more tests make 'us look like we have more cases'. Though unlike Cuomo, Trump used this as an argument to reduce the tests per day. "So I said to my people, slow the testing down, please."
  • Hi there msf, I wouldn't give you a nickle for any politician from New York. They make Texans look humble and circumspect.
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    @WABAC You’re right. Trump is a New York politician.
  • @WABAC You’re right. Trump is a New York politician.

    among other things.
  • Too numerous to mention.
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