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  • @Crash: I don’t go the Tigers games much, but I’m old enough to have gone to the old stadium and the new. What a contrast. At Comerica Park you can’t talk between innings because of deafening music and lights flashing all around you, patrons drinkin…
    in 2022 NCAA Comment by BenWP April 21
  • @Old_Joe: it’s not impossible that my own opinions have been warped by the discord and disaffection in our body politic and our public discourse. Polarization tends to promote more extreme polarization, at least from this seat. I don’t consider mys…
  • @Crash: since arriving in HI last week I’m wondering how you local sports fans watch live mainland games. Seems that one hotel bar was offering a replay of the 76ers-Raptors game that had been played many hours previously. Maybe everyone is retired …
    in 2022 NCAA Comment by BenWP April 20
  • Good and bad news today. On Maui no pharmacies have at-home tests, but I found a great urgent care that swabbed my nose after a very short wait, pronounced me Covid-negative, and diagnosed the flu. This despite my having had the flu vaccine shot. Go…
  • FWIIW, our family practices rampant password sharing. If the company adopts two-factor authorization, some people won’t be viewers. The question is whether they will sign up for a subscription.
    in NETFLIX Comment by BenWP April 20
  • Yesterday, right on schedule, the IRS collected my balance and estimated taxes. My Schwab account absorbed the punch. I thought for a moment the market had set a new low, just looking at my overall balance. I moaned and groaned, but the process work…
  • We have taken the big plunge, spending two weeks on two Hawaiian islands. Despite masking up on two long flights, I managed to catch an ugly cold three days along. I have hardly been sick since Covid began and felt far worse worrying about what viru…
  • @Old_Joe: I believe what you have written about the separation between news and opinion at the WSJ did in fact exist. I was a long-time reader until about two years ago. I had no quarrel with the investigative reporting (on Elizabeth Holmes and on a…
  • I thank the people who do things for me by saying, “Thanks for working today.” They smile, seemingly pleased to be recognized. The unspoken reality is that there are many who choose not to work.
  • Added to PDBC.
  • The PM, Rubin, has made his name in other funds as a LCG manager.
  • Understood, @BaluBalu. Thanks for posting the info.
  • Since DCPE started trading last week, I have been watching its price movements compared to those of CAPD, which I own. I thought I might be able to discern what the DoubleLine team are doing as opposed to what goes on behind the scenes at Barclays, …
  • @Puddnhead: HC has disappointed in last 2 years. I watch RYH and a couple of select biotech stocks to try to detect positive sentiment in HC and I finally see some upward momentum. (Mentioning it will surely kill any rally.)
  • @stayCalm: have you found a way around the $1M minimum investment in MAFIX? I was going to compare it to BLNDX, but did not want to spend time on a fund I could never buy. Following up on @BaluBalu's comment, I wonder what the six subadvisors' funct…
  • I also have BWBFX in two of our accounts, @Puddnhead. Playing a recovery in healthcare through BCHCX, a sector that finally seems to be stirring.
  • @Catch22: if I understand correctly, the selfie route can be avoided by an interview with an agent. The selfie choice is presented as being faster.
  • @Mark: thanks for posting this. I took a quick look at AVALX, a supposedly SCV US fund. It’s 87% non-US and is highly concentrated in basic materials (71%) and energy (23%). Thassa some spicy meatball! Don’t know the fund, so I have no idea what st…
  • Hold the rain, @Crash. Landing at LIH on the 12th for a two-island birthday present to myself. Class of ‘42.
    in Credit cards Comment by BenWP April 5
  • Many good points made on security. I did not want to overload my tale with detail, but others may relate to the following. Our USPS deliveries and pickups have become so erratic that I have lost faith. The 12 houses on our street, served by a row of…
  • OK, @Charles, now I can connect the dots. As @sma3 pointed out, the problem for the PM was exacerbated by an apparent attempt to cover up his record.
  • @Ben: I think the term « tax advantaged » would have been more precise as it covers all types of retirement savings instruments, including both common forms of the IRA.
  • @Charles: tantalizing discovery of legal problems of a certain Menozzi. Who he? What have I missed in this thread?
  • @David_Snowball: thanks for the chance to get First Sentier’s take on US infrastructure exposure. I was surprised to find that the fund holds almost exclusively energy and utilities stocks. I have put some money into PAVE, the GlobalX US Infrastruct…
  • @hank: the Smead Value fund (SVFAX) is a big fan of home builders. has some decent explanations of the managers' reasoning.
  • Maybe those here who expressed some skepticism about the need for another GP fund when this one was announced had their heads screwed on right. Is it a sinking fund dressed up as a MF?
  • @finder: good timing for Jain. Quality dividend funds are in the sweet spot.
  • As @MikeW says, GQEPX is worth consideration. For its first three years of existence M* classified it as LCG and gave it low marks in its comparison group. Recently, ISTM, Jain has embraced a value discipline, a development M* recognizes in its styl…
  • Well, @Old_Joe, I know a guy (me) who watches 2 or 3 NCAA bball games at once the first Thursday and Friday of the tournament.
  • @Old_Joe: are you watching two movies at once? Haha!
  • Never heard of this fund. Quick look says it lacks both strategy and growth. The proposed reorganization does not appear to address the fund's problems.
  • @Old_Joe is right. Our chitchat is illegal. We MFOers have so much capital and influence that all we have to do is mention a fund or stock favorably to effect massive buy orders. The obverse must logically follow. If a single member becomes disench…
  • FWIIW, the Providence Journal was a staple in our household when I was a kid. Utilities buy-outs can work well for the investor if the stars align. A few years back, M* signaled that ICT, the electric transmission company, was a possible target. Sur…
    in Ping the Board Comment by BenWP March 16
  • I agree with @sma3 re: how to figure out why a CEF zigs or zags. I thought SOR was an attractive option about the time of the changes noted above, but decided to bail after holding for a year.
  • Appears, @hank, that Starlink might be available in SE MI in 2023, or so they say.
    in Ping the Board Comment by BenWP March 13
  • For many years I subscribed to the WSJ at a really low price for academics. I reasoned that if I read it and the NYTimes I’d be able to know what the “other side” is thinking. Two things pushed me to cancel the WSJ: the price almost doubled and way …
    in WSJ QUESTION Comment by BenWP March 12
  • I think you’re right, @hank. Colbert seems to have to spend a lot of time with celebrities pushing a film or a book, or promoting CBS programs. Jon Stewart is a major owner of the show, I believe. In my view, Colbert has failed to put together a ca…
  • That reassures me, @Charles. A good dose of humor goes a long way these days.
  • Call me stodgy, @Charles, but Ms Scanlon's "style" of communicating perplexes me. Other than the irritating reliance on links, redundant pictures of Twitter pages, and the over-use of quotation marks, I found this sentence to be opaque: 'It sort of…