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  • Our retirement portfolio is currently in 3 funds divided equally.
  • The broader market on Thursday, the day after 75 bps rate hike is all red. And now it is in bearish territory with DJIA dripped below 30,000. FED should have raised by 1%.
  • Think it should have been 1%, but we”ll see.
  • With .75, I think the market rallies, at least short-run. With 1%, look for a strong rally. Anything less than .75, the market tanks more.
  • Not too bad considering its Fidelity and Vanguard peers are down a good bit more:l TRAIX (I class of PRWCX) (14.95%) FBALX (19.09%) FPURX (17.36%) VWENX (17.55%) and outperforming S&P 500 substantially DODBX is down 10.56% YTD (lags far…
    in 2022 YTD Damage Comment by Davep June 14
  • If FED raises by .75%, markets likely rally tomorrow. A 1% move likely results in a larger rally. Anything less than .75 and I think the markets drop more.
  • @rforno - Sounds logical. I’m thinking a half point rate hike. But language designed to ease the market stresses. Potentially a rebound Wednesday - if only short lived. It feels more like “investing” now. Things got too damn easy for a few years. :…
    in 2022 YTD Damage Comment by Davep June 14
  • Considered investing a little in this fund, but it would have been retirement funds, and was concerned about the risk level.
    in BIVIX Comment by Davep February 15
  • Recently tried to move a small amount from TRP to Fidelity to acquire a fund not offered by TRP. Was told that Fidelity would not allow me to do it electronically - would have to submit a signed copy of transfer form to Fidelity.
  • I also experienced poor service at Vanguard. Also at Fidelity. As I stared in another thread, the experience I’ve had with TRP has been nothing short of outstanding. My only complaint at TRP is they use Pershing so it takes 1 day for funds to cle…
  • :( PRWCX down -1.16% today. Compared to some other balanced funds, PRWCX/TRAIX performed pretty well yesterday.
  • My excellent customer service experience with TRP has been well documented on this thread..
  • I’ve invested with most of these as well, and based on my experience with more than one liaison at TRP, the level of service has been outstanding. I don’t need investment advice nor would they give it. I will give you a couple of examples of where h…
  • The performance of their growth funds YTD is pretty typical of that of other growth funds. Growth has underperformed value significantly.
  • Very disappointed in Geritz’s Rondure performance thus far. When she was at Wasatch, she had an excellent performance record.
  • A phone number for Registered Representatives is provided for Flagship Services customers. Although dedicated representatives were previously available, I've heard that Vanguard no longer offers this level of service. I’ve found service is much bet…
  • For a number of the GP funds an entire year's worth of great returns have just gone "poof" in less than four weeks. That does, in my view, signal a worrisome aspect to the firm's risk management practices. And later in the year it is possible th…
  • I think Vanguard has a ways to go to show improvement in their customer service. Some of their funds are pretty good. I have a large part of our retirement funds in VWIAX (paired with TRAIX), and I’m very happy with it.
  • Vanguard customers enrolled in Voyager Select Services or Flagship Services (not sure about others) will have phone numbers listed on their statements. Here's a link with phone numbers for various Vanguard investors. Link Are these general numbers …
  • With this amount, you should have access to a representative with the Private Client Group at TRP. Your representative will have his/her own telephone number, so no waiting online. If he/she is busy and doesn’t answer, you can leave a voicemail, sen…
  • Yes, I read this; this is how I learned about the fund. Just wondering if anyone had thoughts on this fund..
    in BIVIX Comment by Davep January 26
  • @Davep : Welcome aboard ! Thanks for making comments. Derf Thanks. Have been a reader for a long time, and recently decided to join and be a more active participant.
    in RLSFX Comment by Davep January 26
  • @MikeM : I'm thinking I'm more like a deer caught in the headlights ! Recently made a buy & then a day later looking to sell something else, growth, but couldn't pull the trigger !! Probably should start nibbling ?! Do you own GP Contrarian ? H…
  • PRWCX/TRAIX has an excellent long-term record, so I’m planning to stick with it. It’s losing about 72% of the S&P 500 index YTD. This is about on par so far with what it dropped in 2008 relative to the S&P.
  • BIVRX YTD +18% !!!! Is it open ? I have considered investing in this fund, but the potential volatility concerns me. I believe there was a very large price drop last year in a short period of time. Any thoughts on it being a decent investment if…
    in RLSFX Comment by Davep January 25
  • Recently added GPGCX to one of my retirement portfolios. It is showing good strength relative to the other GP funds. Planning to hold long-term.
  • DODBX is value-oriented while PRWCX is blend/growth oriented. Tech has taken a big hit in the last 3 weeks, so it’s not real surprising. I was somewhat disappointed with today’s relatively large drop. In one of my retirement portfolios, I’ve combine…
  • I believe both Vanguard and Fidelity offer the same type services as TRP. Not sure what the asset level needed for this is, but it’s worth asking.
  • The comments regarding TRP are puzzling to me. I have a senior client liaison with the private Client Group that provides outstanding service. I can pretty much reach him when I want to. Sometimes, I have to send an email and arrange for a time to t…