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European Value Mutual Fund

Looking for ideas for a European Value mutual fund with decent returns
and costs that are on the low side.

Thanks, Mitchelg


  • Evermore Global Value has almost 70% of its equity holding in Europe and an excellent ( in my opinion) manager from the Mutual Series value tradition.
  • Evermore Global Value (EVGIX/EVGBX) looks interesting, but the expenses that investors actually pay according to the latest M* Prospectus are 1.53% and 1.78%, respectively. Of course, these actual expenses cannot be found on the M* front pages or expense pages of these funds.

    I would also consider MEURX (1.05% ER) available according to test trades in retirement accounts at Wellstrade ($250 minimum) and TDAmeritrade ($100K minimum).

    If it were my money, I would buy DLEUX/DSEUX (ER 0.91/0.66%) based on the excellent backtested performance of the underlying index posted previously by @davidrmoran:



  • I supposedly am getting a callback from Fido to discuss how to purchase DLEUX, since it does not come up with a search, but does come up for a trade ... except when you go to execute you get 'The security you are trying to buy cannot be traded. '
  • edited March 2017
    A funny thing just happened. Was going to suggest taking a look at TRIGX with the proviso that Price calls it a Growth and Income fund. Guess what? They've
  • @hank, a good reminder that sometimes the name of the fund may not exactly correlate with that funds current investment scheme. It happens more than we think.
  • Evermore...NEVER MORE...I used to own it, sold it long time back. So glad I did. If one is supposed to hold for the "long term" - which would have been the argument for me not selling- you will be better off holding Artisan.

    Every former manager from reputed firm (Mutual Series in this case) does not have to be successful in his solo ventures.
  • Although not pure European plays, both Pear Tree Polaris Foreign Value Fund and Causeway International Value have big slugs in Europe right now.
  • FDD or FEU if you care to go the ETF route.
  • When looking at MEURX returns, keep in mind that it regularly hedges currency. This has made it look especially good over the past few years. I think it's a good low cost fund, but because of the hedging it behaves differently from most other funds.

    As Vanguard points out, hedging involves additional costs. Although the increased operational costs are reflected in a fund's ER, the additional transaction costs (1-18 basis points) are not.

    See text and Figure 2 on p. 4.

    FWIW, I'm not a fan of hedging, but have invested in at least three different hedged funds I can recall, so it's not something I'm dogmatic about.
  • DLEUX interests me as well. At present, TDA and Schwab are not carrying the fund. It started trading on December 23, so maybe patience is required. If my record of trying to make money in Europe is any indicator, I should flee this fund and put more dough in FMIJX, currently 47% Europe.
  • If you're open to global funds with a (current) majority European portfolio, GLIFX has been written about favorably on this board. Keep in mind that like MEURX, it hedges.
  • Did not hear from Fidelity yet about purchasing DLEUX, but same thing at Merrill: in the database, with detail, but closed to current purchasing.

    Will apprise as I discover further info.
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