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Super Bowl Sunday

Can Quantitative Analysis Pick Super Bowl Winners?
FYI: Los Angeles-based Analytic Investors began using quantitative analysis to pick Super Bowl winners in 2004. From that year through 2013, the firm racked up a record that would impress any gambler and threaten to bankrupt many a small-time bookie: 9-1. But in each of the past two years, Analytic’s picks have come up short – will this be the year the firm returns to its winning ways?

This NFL Pair Knows More About Wall Street Than You:
Punter Brad Nortman fields tax and investing questions

Stock Market And Super Bowl:
Investor mood may affect financial markets. Sports may affect investor mood. The biggest mood-mover among sporting events in the U.S. is likely the National Football League’s Super Bowl. Is the week before the Super Bowl especially distracting and anxiety-producing? Is the week after the Super Bowl focusing and anxiety-relieving? Presumably, post-game elation and depression cancel between respective fan bases. Using past Super Bowl dates since inception and daily/weekly S&P 500 Index data for 1967 through 2015 (49 events), we find that:

Meet One Of The Most frugal NFL Players:
He keeps to a $5,000 monthly budget — no cable or landline, and he drives a U-Haul when he moves.

Super Bowl Host Cities Always Lose The Money Game:
The ‘economic impact’ touted by the NFL should be a euphemism for ‘footing the bill’

The 50 Best Super Bowl 50 Prop Bets:
Full list including national anthem, coin toss, MVP and more

SuperBowl Ad's Preview:
With Super Bowl 50 still a couple of days away, America’s ad makers have already begun bombarding the Internet with their latest, almost entirely celebrity-fueled spots set to air during the big game Sunday night. Among the stars lending their talent to this year’s crop are Seth Rogen and Amy Schumer for Bud Light, Christopher Walken for Kia and Drake, who recreates his “Hotline Bling” dance moves for T-Mobile

Why You Should Pay Attention To The ‘Super Bowl Indicator’:
It is the opposite of sound investment advice: Buy stocks if a given team wins the Super Bowl, and sell if the other team takes it. But the so-called Super Bowl indicator merits attention from investors not because it is wise, but because of the precise reason why it is stupid.

The Point Spread
:The Carolina Panthers are a 5½-point favorite to beat the Denver Broncos, according to Vegas Insider. The over/under for the game is set at 45½.

(Finally, the Linkster says, take the Panthers give the points. The final score Panthers 42 Broncos 14)


  • Broncos 21 Panthers 17 not having followed either team but taking experience over youth.:)

    Or higher scoring with the same 4 point win.

    Yes, I have been warned about betting against @Ted.
  • Ted, thank you for picking the Panthers:)

    Any team that keeps the Patriots out of the Super Bowl is my new favorite!!!
    Plus, what a great way for Payton Manning to end a Hall of Fame carrier. John Elway style!

    Denver 24, Carolina 17.
  • Still like the odds in favor of Panthers. I think it will boil down which team makes the most mistakes. It will be a good match up.
  • Love the Panthers, but my money (literally) is on the Broncos...great defense against the Pats...hope they can do it again tomorrow!
  • If Cam stays health during game , Panthers win.
  • Little5bee is right. Bronco's defense was solid and caused many turnovers. It is good to Payton to win another title. Question will he announce his retirement?
  • They treated Cam the way they treated Brady. Don't care for Manning, but that D was impressive.
  • ah yes, another Super Bowl, and more "memories for the Ages." And to acknowledge the 50th milestone, let's return to Super Bowl I and have a chat with Willie Wood, whose interception and return changed what had been a contest into a rout.

    Willie, tell us what you remember about that play, and what some of the most memorable moments of Super Bowl I were for you in the larger context of your distinguished NFL career?
  • What's got into you? That's just cold.
  • So have @MikeM and I earned the right to rub @Ted's head virtually or dunk him in virtual water or whatever the allowed ritual is to gloat on these forums....
  • @vkt: I've eaten crow before, and I'm sure in the future I will eat some more. The only thing I can say is Cam Newton is not ready for 'Prime Time'
  • edited February 2016
    littlebee made a lotta $$$ on the game! Took Broncos for the win...0 points (who needs those?):)

    @davidrmoran @Ted At least Brady lost with class two weeks ago!
  • @Ted: Don't put all the blame on Cam. Had they blocked a little better & caught a few more of his passes , the score would have been different.
    P.S. Not a fan of Panthers or Cam.
  • My takeaway, aside from joy, is that
    DEFENSE saved the day – not unlike my
    investment strategy, which is currently doing the same
    for my LT portfolio.

    All is well in my hometown of Denver.
  • @AKAFlack Don't need a high-powered offense when your defense gets you great field position! Thank you, Broncos! $$$$$
  • @Ted is spot on.

    As good as Broncos defense was, QBs at SuperBowl level even when losing or facing great defense or team not showing support, show moments of brilliance in a play or two. Cam had nothing brilliant I can recall. Seemed overwhelmed by the big moment. Happens.

    If Cam isn't ready for prime time yet, Manning showed it is time for his retirement pitching for his business interests on camera at his biggest moment (apparently has a stake in Annheiser-Busch distributors and Papa John's but not paid for this specifically). No class.
  • vkt said:

    If Cam isn't ready for prime time yet, Manning showed it is time for his retirement pitching for his business interests on camera at his biggest moment (apparently has a stake in Annheiser-Busch distributors and Papa John's but not paid for this specifically). No class.

    I agree...I've only seen this before in NASCAR, not NFL;)

  • Well, Cam ran brilliantly a couple times and had a few laser passes, looking exactly as expected. Just infrequent. I also did not know how inaccurate a passer he could be, though; it wasn't just that D.
  • edited February 2016
    Stephen Colbert's take

  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • This showed up on my Twitter feed was too cute not to share (apologies to Panthers fans):
  • >> probably be the first and last time that I agree with davidmoran

    should I get my hopes up?
  • edited February 2016
    The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • Agree. I take his word it was injury-potential-related. Still.
  • vkt
    edited February 2016
    I agree with Maurice if it were clear that he would have been on the ball first.

    But watching that in slow motion several times with frequent stop frames, it appears to me that his moment of hesitation coincided with the Bronco arm reaching over the ball as if to scoop it up. So may be his brain decided that the ball was lost (combined with being available for rest of game without injury) or it might even have appeared to him that the ball would be knocked back towards him which is what his reaction seemed to be to me.

    These are all split-second decisions that they have to make and I would always give the benefit of the doubt to the one on the field if there is plausibility, not us armchair QBs. In sport, war or business.

    Yes, taking one for the team, country, etc., are more romantic and we expect our gladiators to do that ... since Roman times... for our viewing pleasure.
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