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Search Tools -- Risk profile

I can no longer 'sort' by column header in the risk profile tool-- ie.= APR, MAXDD etc.etc. Any one else encounter this?

Thanks Ralph


  • Ha!

    I know.

    The site style update clobbered our script.

    Chip and I have reached out to Accipiter for help.

    Hope to have resolved soon, perhaps this weekend.

    Will post when we do.

    Sorry for inconvenience Ralph.

  • Thanks Charles, for your reply
  • It also cuts off, when I user it the last column I usually see is 5yr rank I believe.
  • edited April 2015

    That I'm not seeing.

    Here is an output from MultiSearch...


    Which tool are you seeing cut-off jlev?

  • Traveling, but I'll get you a screen shot
  • I can't seem to reproduce the error, so maybe it got cleaned up? I'll repost if it occurs again.
  • Yes, ok, now I understand. We had to reformat after the style theme update...that one we were able to fix! Still working the sorting issue.
  • edited April 2015
    would it be possible to make "return group" a searchable criteria, along with "age group" and "risk group"? lots of times i want to exclude any fund that is less than a 4 or a 5 in terms of returns for, say, one year and three, etc. would be very helpful, i think.

    also, and i think i've mentioned this a few times before, but is there a way to age limit the drawdown numbers so that i can more easily compare apples to apples?
    iow, let's say i'm looking at the list of funds in age groups 5 and 10. well, i get max DD numbers for time periods less than 5 years (no bear market), combined with those up to ten years (one doozy of a bear market), which makes comparing the funds by DD irrelevant.
    i think it'd be better to be able to list, say, age groups 5 and 10 but have the option to limit the DD to the past 5 years for those funds in the 10-year age group. that'd make the comparisons apple to apple. i think.
    am i making myself at all clear?

  • @Ralph. Thanks to Chip and Accipiter...sort is fixed! Just click on column header.
  • Hi linter.

    All good stuff and all currently available on beta site.

    Actually, over a dozen metrics are searchable and table display is for selected period...apples to apples.

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