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Morningstar's Portfolio Manager Price Updating Concern ...



  • @JohnChisum
    Circumstance must be resolved, eh?
    Take care of you and yours there and hoping that all is well.
  • There is a current thread on M* in the forum concerning stale pricing in Portfolio Manager.
    There is a current thread in the same forum concerning incorrect ERs posted by M*.
  • I see those. There was a long thread that M* got rid of.

    Another interesting observation is the ratings on the Apple App Store for the M* app. I tried it out as it was free and I deleted it shortly thereafter. What a piece of junk. The star ratings were very low a few months ago but have since picked up as M* bots plug in favorable five star reviews. Some if those reviews are very obvious snow jobs.

    M* needs some competition to kick it in the pants. It is surprising to me that no other service has not tried to deliver a similar product but with better handling of the database. A lot of investors would jump ship if that prospect did arise.
  • --From Morningstar Discussion forum

    ---Monday 7:08 pm EST

    -- Vanguard Windsor 2 =VWNFX still not UPDATED !!!

    This post will total 107 REPLYS by M* MEMBERS on the Morningstar discuss. board
    ---SINCE 5/15/ 2013 !!!!

    HELLO-HELLO anyone home @ MONINGSTAR ??!!!

  • Ralph: It's very plain to see ! The lights are on ,but no ones home !

    Good investing, Derf
  • edited December 2014
    Hi Ralph and others,

    I am now following my portfolio in three venues. They are Morningstar, Bloomberg and Yahoo.

    Come the first of the year I plan to reduce this to two venues and I am not so sure that Morningstar will be the one that gets cut as I like many of the features and tools that it's protfolio manager system provides. Currently, I do like Yahoo Finance the best of these three because it provides the most timely pricing for the mutal funds that I own. And, I do like some of the fearutes found in Bloomberg Portfolio too; but, have found it much like Morningstar to be slow, at times, in updating some price information on some of the funds that I own.

    With all the issues I have read about and found to exist myself with Morningstar's Portfolio Manager I don't think we are going to see any quick fixes. There is just something that they are having problems with and can not yet seem to wrap their arms around and put a good squeeze on it that results in a long lasting fix.

    So, one might do as I now do and track their portfolio in multi venues; and, then reduce down to a couple that are felt to be the best.

    I am moving on ... as I feel to continue to labor on this subject will do little good. Besides I've got better things to do with my time. If Morningstar chooses to continue with those that are currently in command over this area and they are satisfied with the product that is being currently delivered then I don't think we are going to see much of a change. For a change to happen at Morningstar, they will have to become unhappy with this substandard price delivery found within their portfolio manager system and demand of those responsible that a better product has to be delivered to the end users. Somebody at Morningstar needs to be calling a come meet Jesus meeting with those responsible.

    My thoughts are that they need to run more frequent price updates through the evening, perhaps every twenty minutes or so and hopefully by 10:00 PM EST everyting will have updated with current day ending nav pricing. Hopefully, this would prevent stale pricing from carrying over through the holiday and weekend periods in portfolio manager.

    Again, I moving on ... Hopefully, they will figure this out and it will soon get fixed.

  • The number of 'REPLYS' over on the MORNINGSTAR DISCUSS FORUM is now- UP TO
    ---- 140, SINCE 5/15/2013. and still no where near solved by M* tech. team !!!!
    m* Portfolio Manager Price Updating PROBLEM HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR
    several YEARS !!!!!! & is "SLOUCH" TREATMENT OF m* POSTERS.

  • @MFO Members: Time to close this thread.
  • In checking out an issue on another thread I was reminded that Schwab has a decent portfolio manager and research setup. One would need an account with them I suppose. The portfolio manager will take non-Schwab funds and ETFs too.

    I tried it out. Maybe not quite as comprehensive as M* but still worth investigating.
  • Most comments ever on a MFO thread?
  • Well ...

    Today is Tuesday 01/06/2015 about 6:30 AM EST and it seems Morningstar is still having concerns with its portfolio manager system as my portfolio has yet to update as it still reflects Friday January 2nd market closing prices.

    For those that use Morningstar's portfolio manager ... My question ... Are you having price updating problems too?


  • The thread over at M* has revived with some comments that nothing has updated for them since the beginning of the week.

  • As of 11:19 am EST none of my funds has updated for yesterday's close.
  • edited January 2015
    looks like though being a premium member for so many years, I have to keep a portfolio copy in yahoo, to get current portfolio value, since I am seeing Jan2 valuation only even now. (unfortunately portfolio maintenance is not outsourced by m* so they can blame some one)
    or are they aiming to get the dubious distinction of too big to fail ( saying take whatever we provide!!)
  • So their mobile app updated with correct pricing around the usual time, but I'm still not seeing the updates from 1/5 reflected on the website.

    Maybe they're just afraid people can't take the sight of all that red?
  • edited January 2015
    @mrdarcey : my mobile apps is still showing Jan 2 portfolio. one more sleepless day!!! though the portfolio maintenance team have 2 recd paychecks since the start of the thread!!!
  • @MFO Members: This thread is getting tiresome.
  • ----204 POSTS [email protected] the Moningstar forum abour this SHODDY- M. PORTFOLIO TOOL NOT UPDATING.

  • It's good advertising ....
  • It's not tiresome. M* is supposed to be the service to depend on. If they cannot get simple pricing of NAVs correct, then the rest of their data becomes suspect. It's too bad there is no real competitor.
  • @JohnChisum: Try Lipper or Yahoo For NAV's
  • Actually I have been using Lipper lately for research. For prices, apps on the iPhone deliver them within 30 minutes unless it's the M* app.
  • I agree with Ted. The moral of the story is Morningstar sucks for portfolio management. What more is there to say about that? What is the value of updating that nothing has changed? I guess you have to live with the delay or set up your portfolio some place else.
  • A post @ the M* Forum, a few hours ago - Another poster there calls this "PRICELESS"

    Re: How tiresome....portfolio again not updated4 hours, 25 minutes ago |
    --You guys will get a kick out of this. I just called to cancel my Premium membership (after years of frustration with myriad other reported problems which they willfully chose to ignore). The rep tells me "I'm sorry, but my system is very slow at the moment and I am having trouble looking up your account. I can take the information. Then when I am able to do it this afternoon, I will send you an email confirming the details."

    What a fitting end to this miserable relationship.

  • Interesting comparison of two active threads at this moment. This thread has 271 views and 174 comments. A lot of people are reading and commenting.

    The thread, "Oil Breaking Below $50/Gundlach on Oil" which is the hot topic of the day/week/month so far has 247 views but only 31 comments. I would have expected far more comments on the Gundlach oil thread. Far less participation for a topic that is headline news.

  • Love my MORNINGSTAR Portfolio manager, Prices seem correct to me every morning, I don't check hours after closing..... too soon, not necessary, whats the rush?
    Takes my bank days to clear checks,deposits, but not withdraws...its a miracle!
  • As a premium member , I look at this as:deficiency in service and obviously they donot have service level timelines to resolve the issue.
  • ---- 312 posts on the MORNINGSTAR CONVERSATION FORUM --- 312 !!!!!!!


    As discussed HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE, the recent crash of the Portfolio Manager is just another example of extremely poor System Testing and User-Acceptance Testing prior to deployment. M* does a lot of things right, but one thing they do VERY POORLY is follow a traditional structured IT lifecycle development and deployment process which would catch 95% of these issues before they affect their customers.

    I honestly have never seen another company push out such "buggy" or error-prone code into a live customer-facing environment, and I have worked with dozens of organizations both large and small throughout my consulting career. This has been at least a quarterly, if not monthly occurence for YEARS and shows no sign of changing.

    This is a leadership issue, not a technical issue, and has crossed from "mistake" to "problem."

    If your IT folks have the authority to make changes to the live production environment without a sign-off first from some sort of business or marketing person, that's a problem.

    A complete re-vamp of the pre-deployment QA / Testing process up to normal customer-facing marketplace standards should be underway, as measured by a sharp reduction in customer-impacting outages and post-deployment bug reports.

    Ultimately, you're going to lose this Premium customer along with many others if this continues without any hope of systemic changes at the IT leadership level.

    Please advise.

  • One can see this same kind of deficit with their iPhone/android app. It is balky, crashes a lot and takes forever to load, if it does. I tried it and deleted it within ten minutes.

    Was the app made by the same people as the portfolio manager? Probably.
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