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Long and Short Cramer (LJIM, SJIM)


  • Lol
    Cramer is household names now
    Stocks on steroids either directions
    You loose big both ways if you follow this idiot
  • All people named Jim, rejoice! They have ETFs to their name (-:).

  • LOL brilliant.

    I should launch FADE, an ETF that shorts the long ideas of 'rock-star' investment managers (Woods, Hassentab, etc) and investment bank CIOs (Hazlus of Goldman).
  • So, are these ETFs going to liquidate if he retires or otherwise taken off the air: death, disability, politically / morally incorrect speech / behavior?
  • First we had meme investing, now it's novelty investing. Actually, "investing" is the wrong word. I have to assume it doesn't cost much to launch an etf.
  • What's next a SUZE or SUZEO fund? If you were tasked with putting together a MFO ETF, what would it look like? A little MOO, a little FOO and a tad of OOO?
  • OK, here's the deal: I start a couple of etfs, and you guys bet against me. You'll all make a fortune, but I get 10% of what you get. Why didn't we think of this a long time ago?
  • Academic research paper on a related topic
    "Impact of Mad Money Stock Recommendations: Merging Financial and Marketing Perspectives"
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