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Superb Interview - Ron Baron - Squawk Box

edited April 7 in Fund Discussions
Topics Covered- Current market valuation, Shopify, Tesla and Musk and Twitter (who cares?), Inflation, Interest Rates, Charles Schwab- Playing the Long Game and Ignoring the noise. Buying on dips/fear.

Worth a view/listen. Interesting perspective on Tesla and it's long term potential.


  • Thanks @JonGaltill
    This, Ron Baron interview from Sept., 2021 with David Rubenstein, provides a learning curve for most investors. About 24 minutes run time.
  • Just watched both. I'm impressed. Too much time spent on the Tesla, thing, is all.
  • Hi JonGaltIII,

    Yes, he is a great man. I also like his interviews. Also own one of his funds. Very volatile.....great on the way up.....not so going the other way. Still I consider it core so I will hold. The fund is BWBFX and will add on weakness.

    God bless
    the Pudd
  • edited April 7
    The link that I shared “Barons website” is unfortunately not the entire interview. Tesla dominates that portion shared. Shopify discussion is missing and the general market condition and Schwab commentary. Apologies.

    I appreciate his ability to distill complex discussions into simplistic terms that anyone can understand. He sees the forest for the trees. I don’t own nor have owned any of his funds but admire his expertise.

    Here’s one of the missing clips:

    The full interview requires a pro subscription

  • I also have BWBFX in two of our accounts, @Puddnhead. Playing a recovery in healthcare through BCHCX, a sector that finally seems to be stirring.
  • I find this amazing ...

  • edited April 8
    @Charles … it really is. Paraphrase-“ He said he only sold some of his Tesla because it was becoming irresponsible to shareholders.” But the cost basis on shares owned is ridiculously low. Edit Add: Around $40 per share! The SpaceX is fascinating when you consider that Musk is able to launch satellites into orbit at an extremely low price and while sending up paying customers projects. Those satellites will then power his next company to go public… providing internet to anyone and anywhere on the planet.
  • edited April 7
    "Amazing" is not the word I would use for any fund or manager who keeps 44% of assets in one stock. See Berkowitz, Bruce.
  • Help me understand how a fund has the chutzpah to charge an er of 1.36% when it holds a composite of it’s own funds?
  • edited April 8
    One has to read the prospectus to see if BWBFX is double dipping. After reviewing the prospectus, if it is determined that it is double dipping, I would consider that a put off. I have not checked. Fund of funds issued by some of the well known mutual fund companies do not double dip.
  • Hi BenWP,

    Good for you. I'm a Ron fan just like I was a Michael Price fan years ago. BCHCX was on my buy list but with healthcare slowing the last 2 years, I did not buy. But did add to FSMEX and FSPHX and am waiting for a pop in healthcare. Will add to BWBFX on weakness. And I like owning funds others don't want, especially young funds because they tend to run with good managers.

    God bless
    the Pudd
  • @Puddnhead: HC has disappointed in last 2 years. I watch RYH and a couple of select biotech stocks to try to detect positive sentiment in HC and I finally see some upward momentum. (Mentioning it will surely kill any rally.)
  • edited April 9
    - Baron talks a good game. The “slow and steady” investment approach works, provided one has (1) the time horizon and (2) the patience. The latter can be learned. The former cannot.

    - Re Elon Musk: It’s been said, “There’s a fine line between genius and insanity.”

    - Re Electric and autonomous cars: Can’t wait to own a fully autonomous vehicle. My Accord has auto-steering which is engaged in similar manner to cruise control. Unfortunately, current regulations require you to interact with the steering wheel every 15-20 seconds - or be perturbed by warning lights, beeps and a “shaker” steering column, Still nice.

    - Re The eventual demise of dealerships: Spot-on. Electric motors run nearly forever. No oil changes, plug or injector service. No $5,000 + “transmission jobs” ... because they don’t have transmissions.
  • If you are a fan of Baron (not me) look for Bloomberg Wealth with David Rubenstein interview on Bloomberg TV or maybe You tube by now.
  • @shipwreckedandalone
    Already posted on April 7 in this thread.
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