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The Top-Performing Stock-Fund Managers Over a Turbulent Year

edited April 4 in Fund Discussions
"Global pandemic. Brexit. Turmoil in U.S. politics. Inflation rates unparalleled since the 1980s. And now a war on Ukraine by Russia—a nuclear power.

It’s little wonder that market strategists are scrambling to explain to their clients how “black swan” events (unforeseen catastrophes) and geopolitics have affected stock markets—and how the future is as unpredictable as ever.

“Buckle in,” advises BNY Mellon in one such missive, warning investors to stay prepared for “significant volatility.”

A select group of mutual-fund managers have managed to stay ahead of the curve. Their decisions to seek opportunities in market downturns, like buying attractively priced stocks their peers were overlooking, has helped them not only navigate the turmoil but post some eye-popping returns.

“Beginning early on in the pandemic, we realized that there was a huge disparity in the value of priced-to-perfection large stocks like the giant technology companies, and companies on the other side of the spectrum, like materials and commodities” stocks, says Scott Barbee, manager of Aegis Value Fund (AVALX). “There clearly was a lot of mispricing of both value and risk.”

Mr. Barbee’s conviction that hard assets would get a boost from the end of the pandemic and the conclusion of fiscal stimulus helped propel his fund to the top of The Wall Street Journal’s quarterly ranking of outperforming U.S.-stock mutual funds for the rolling 12 months ended March 31."

WSJ Article

p.s. FWIW, DHAMX and VNSYX were numerous 2&3.


  • @Mark: thanks for posting this. I took a quick look at AVALX, a supposedly SCV US fund. It’s 87% non-US and is highly concentrated in basic materials (71%) and energy (23%). Thassa some spicy meatball! Don’t know the fund, so I have no idea what stocks it has held in the past.
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