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Fund Spy - Infrastructure

The differences between GLIFX and PAVE are enough to consider pairing these two to take advantage of the big spend coming our way. Although GLIFX is 75% Non-US currently.


  • edited December 2021
    GLIFX is institutional. Appears to have a low minimum initial investment of $10,000.

    GLFOX (open shares) was recommended to me 6-7 months back by a board member. I substituted it in my real assets sleeve for a commodities fund I felt was getting too expensive. Yes - it is largely outside the U.S. That’s one reason I like it, as I’ve been consciously trying to diversify away from U.S. equities.

    As the snippet from Lipper shows, the fund has some moderate exposure to the energy sector. As @KHaw24 notes, the Lazard funds are invested largely (about 75%) outside the U.S. So they aren’t the best choice if you’re trying to play the U.S. infrastructure package. Also - higher than normal expenses might deter some.

    GLFOX HOLDINGS - Lipper*

    46% Utilities

    24% Industrials

    8% Oil & Gas

    22% Remainder


  • I agree with @KHaw24 that PAVE is an enticing play on building back the US infrastructure. I get down every time I read the news of how this great need has been handled by the pettiest of our citizenry. No need to name names.
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