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Any green in your portfolio today ?

TMSRX .19% & PRPFX .08% both up !


  • RLSFX +.70%, HMEAX +.15%, CLMAX +.09%
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    4 Up / 4 Flat / 9 Down

    Best BRCAX +.62 / Worst DODBX -.97

    Just another day at the ol’ ball park.:)

  • Yup. MGGIX, VIRT, BFARF, BIP, IP, & some option spreads were nicely up today for me. Mostly red otherwise.
  • So ya took it on the chin a tad today

    My hussy was the only green today, HSGFX +0.23% , PMEFX down -0.34%, FPACX down -0.66%, newer holding BIVIX, FEVAX, went the wrong way both down over 100 HD stock, ouch mommy....hopefully tomorrow is a better day

    Good Luck to all,

    Baseball Fan
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    ZERO in the green today. Best were PTIAX and PRSNX, both down 2 cents/share.
    Worst = PRIDX, down -1.21% on the day. Portfolio was down by -0.51%.
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    Actually, Hussman’s flagship gained a bit more than reported above by @Baseball_Fan

    HSGFX +.29% yesterday.

    As @Derf reported, PRPFX (which I also own) was up slightly. A miracle considering several of its components were soft on the day: equities, real estate, precious metals, treasury bonds. I was expecting much worse.

    Cuggino‘s got the bond duration all the way down to 2.3 years. Helps explain why it held up better. Often mentioned as a “static allocation” fund, they do play around a bit - particularly with the bond component.
  • rforno said:

    Yup. MGGIX, VIRT, BFARF, BIP, IP, & some option spreads were nicely up today for me. Mostly red otherwise.

    I looked at Morgan Stanley Inst Global Opp I (MGGIX) and can't figure out why it was up yesterday when most everything else was down. I noticed the same thing with Morgan Stanley Inst Advantage A (MAPPX) which was up 1.31% yesterday.

    Some understanding would be appreciated.
  • My only green today (5/12) is CLMAX + .28%.

    TMSRX, HRSAX and some s/t bond funds are flat.
  • PFE VUSB RPIEX up. RYMSX only down 1 cent, but I can't recommend this fund, as the fund's strategy remains opaque. Finally, newcomer PHDG up 1.16%, while JEPI down 1.48%-looks like JEPI is getting kicked off the island tomorrow.
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    Financial markets are reacting to the surprise 4.2% increase in April's CPI.
    All my holdings are in the red today except for VUSFX which is unchanged.
    I use VUSFX as an alternative to cash.
  • +1 VUSB is my cash alternative at 3 of my 4 brokerages.
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    I'll throw this one, for you viewing pleasure again, into the investment stew pot.....Global/popular/diverse etf's, real time.

    An investor, and their sometimes love and hate relationship with where their money lives; for your perusal below, from the lyric.

    Nowhere To Run
    Martha and the Vandellas

  • The Commitments:

  • The Commitments:

  • PRSNX= "best" today.

    Glad the WORST is my smallest holding.
  • @Mona - I own MGGPX and I was not expecting it to be up yesterday but it was. Some of the ARK funds as well. I looked at MGGPX and noted it's foreign holdings at roughly 34% of the portfolio. Maybe that helped. Nowhere to run to today however as it joined the retreat to the rear approach of nearly everything else.
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