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keep gambling ?!! Anyone buying dogecoin

edited May 2021 in Other Investing
Crazy ...keep gambling or keep day job

Dogecoin up 12,000% since January — here’s how much money you’d have if you invested $1,000 at the beginning of 2021


  • I have no trust or stomach for any of these mystery alternatives to everyday cash.
  • Concur with @Mark. Not my choice either.
  • edited May 2021
    @JohnN - It’s all tied to SNL tonight.

    “The cryptocurrency dogecoin, one of Musk's favorite market playthings, has been trading higher in anticipation of the SNL appearance.” STORY

    Depends. Do you have good low latency broadband and TV reception? Are you fast on a keyboard or with a mouse? The Dogecoin market is keying on Elon Musk’s appearance on SNL tonight (Saturday). Also make sure your TV provider is low latency. Anything could happen. And you’ll be gaming with some of the smartest and best equipped gamblers as Musk either: (A) addresses / promotes Dogecoin, (B) performs a comedy skit related to Dogecoin, or (C) fails to address Dogecoin at all.

    Choice C would probably be bearish for the crypto. I’d sell. Choice B Is the trickiest, as the humor might run in either direction. And humor is always hard to judge or interpret. Your best bet is choice A - an all out endorsement (Buy!). But I’m thinking that’s unlikely as it might land him in hot water with the SEC.

    If not certain whether your keyboarding skills and equipment are up to snuff on all of this, consider selling your investment around 11:28 PM (Eastern Daylight Savings Time) - just seconds before the show airs. If you’ve ever tried betting during a sporting event telecast on “live” TV, you know the importance of low latency (real time viewing). A lot of events experience a time delay due to the time it takes the signal to make its way through the infrastructure to you. (Worst are the satellite providers like DirecTV.) Imagine betting during a fast-paced basketball game when what you’re viewing on-screen actually occurred 30 seconds earlier. A team might score 8 or 10 points during that time and you’d be oblivious to it when submitting a bet.

    Ironically, Musk’s Starlink internet is known for having very low latency due to the satellites being so close to Earth. So users of his broadband network might actually have an edge in this case. LINK

    Good luck. (Please don’t bet the ranch.)
  • I surely have better use of my time and not wasting electrons that are about to travel the communications path from my house to the MFO server. However, the thread is almost a SNL pre-write skit unto itself.
    I've not more time to provide right now, as I am establishing the needed trajectory web sites so that I am able to track, in real time; the fully accurate path of the incoming Chinese rocket remains this evening. Of some benefit, is that the arrive time; if the path is over Michigan, is that the night sky will be able to provide a visual observation of the debris. The longest side of our house is 91 feet, so I have this reference for the size of the debris. The current problem is that if I have an inbound visual in the night sky, what is the exact path and at 18,000 mph, would I be able to relocate with sufficient speed to avoid the impact.
    Although we use a very stable and fast broadband connection, I remain concerned about the "ping" time involved with tracing sites I will be using.

    Definition: Ping amounts of 100 ms and below are average for most broadband connections. In gaming, any amounts below a ping of 20 ms are considered exceptional and “low ping,” amounts between 50 ms and 100 ms range from very good to average, while a ping of 150 ms or more is less desirable and deemed “high ping.”Jan 29, 2020

    So, I have to find a math calculation site that will allow me to determine how to enter a visual siting distance in miles, using 18,000 mph for speed and whether ping time will affect my ability to get the hell out of the way of impact at my community or street address.

    Note: Hopefully, there will not be a "Breaking News" scroll during SNL.

    May the force or any force you choose, be with you.
    Where's Scotty when I really need him for the beam up and away??? :):):)

    Thank you for your time. I do believe I need another cup of coffee on this cold spring morning in Michigan.

  • @hank: today reports say a snarky comment on SNL last night by the guest host resulted in a sudden 23% decline in Dogecoin.
  • Dogecoin was created as a joke and it has no intrinsic value.
    The cryptocurrency doesn't have any earnings nor pay any interest or dividends.
    It appears that many "investors" are betting on the Greater Fool Theory to realize future profits.
  • Who watches SNL anymore? Didn't know that show still exists. Who wants to watch some whiny non funny so called commedians shill their social justice views like they get to decide how we should think and act.

    Screw SNL and screw Dogecoin. What a farce, both of them.

    Baseball Fan
  • Would Dogecoin be pronounced
    • Doggy coin or
    • Dodgy coin or
    • Doge coin (as in the Venetian high-class dudes?
  • edited May 2021

    Screw SNL and screw Dogecoin. What a farce, both of them.

    If you want to invest, don’t discount any media - however lowly. All have the capacity to move markets in the crazy era we live in. So, turning a blind eye is not in your best interest.

    I agree that SNL hasn’t been good for more than a decade. But numerous media outlets (including CNBC) are today reporting a drop of 25-30% in Dodgcoin after Musk’s errant attempt at humor. And the rush to sell Dodgcoin was so great during the show that some popular trading platforms broke down - affecting real investors. Fake show. Fake crypto. But real money folks. Don’t know about you, but when I buy something, the seller rarely asks how I came into the cash. Lame as SNL has become, I’ll take it ahead of NBC’s Apprentice. And look at what emerged from that fake program’s cast and how it altered the course of racial, economic, social and democratic progress in this country (for the worse).

  • I would not buy a meme-momentum asset whose value often is determined soley upon a single person's tweet, comment, or media appearance and the response of the uninformed trading herd (dogecoin, TSLA, ARK-whatever, Bill Ackman and/or Chamath Palihapitiya's SPACs, etc.)
  • Should I buy now while it's still above $.50? Also, does anybody have some tulips they can sell me? Name your price.
  • Yes, by all means! In fact, I think people should take out a second mortgage and plow it all into
    Scheißcoin while it's still below $0.005! Tell r/WSB, this one is going to the moon! /ducks
    JD_co said:

    Should I buy now while it's still above $.50? Also, does anybody have some tulips they can sell me? Name your price.

  • I don’t watch SNL, either, but I do read the news. I am quite astounded that The NY Times gives coverage to what late-night comedians have been saying. Colbert is not in the least bit funny (my wife insists we watch him in reverence to Letterman) and what I’ve seen of the two Jimmies is pathetic. Today’s politics are a poor subject for humor these days, IMHO, but I wish it were otherwise.
  • @BenWP. I couldn't agree with you more

    Saw Colbert show way back with Jon Stewart. I could only get through maybe 10 minutes of it. Same with Kimmel and the other guy

    Who gives these clowns the platform to shill their so just views onto us? Bunch of arrogant, self indulged, pompous.... thinking that anyone cares what they say or what their views are

    Best I ever saw was when the British bloke hosted one of those award shows told the crowd to come up and thank your God, thank your agent and then f off as no one cares what you think. Then they show the great Tom Hanks with his self important look. Screw tom Hanks

    Baseball fan
  • Has anyone seen ttd, the trade desk stock today. What's up, down over 25%? I'd be real careful if I owned arkk, Cathy wood investments here.... not sure if she holds this stock but does the same ilk and could be a tell of what's to come

    Katy, I mean Cathy bar the door??

    Baseball fan
  • Just maybe it's a buying opportunity !?

  • That's her MO. Momentum stock goes down, she loads up on it....a good game while it lasts.
    Derf said:

    Just maybe it's a buying opportunity !?

  • So the Schmeissing continues...

    TTD whacked the other today..Lemonade...LMND.

    What could possible go wrong with co's of these ilk?...buying insurance on your phone via an app...with a company name that a child would come up with...are you sheeting me?

    TTD takes a 25% hit and take a look at what the PE ratio still is...

    This is beyond ridiculous. We need to clear the markets of this garbage similar to a morning constitiutional after eating a $2.00 burrito dinner special the night prior...

    Baseball Fan
  • Laugh of the day from @Baseball_Fan : This is beyond ridiculous. We need to clear the markets of this garbage similar to a morning constitiutional after eating a $2.00 burrito dinner special the night prior...
    Thanks B_F, Derf
  • +1 Reminds me of the after-bar adventures at Naugles Tacos in the mid 1980's, much better than Taco Bell in those days !
  • Much as I admire Elon Musk … Dogecoin, Tesla & the whole GD market’s gone to hell since his SNL appearance. Stick to what you know Elon!
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