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  • Ben
    edited September 2020
    Bear in mind that the policies and stance of the Democratic party in this century has moved to the right of Republican president Eisenhower. So historically slightly left of center may look rather more to the left, especially when viewed from far to the right. Now that Democrats are younger there has been a return to traditional Democratic values (and also to what had once been the values of the Republican party, with concerns about infrastructure and the common good, which includes equal rights for all groups ) and that is to the left of where the Democratic party has recently been. But not extreme at all. That's how it looks to me.
  • edited September 2020
    Agreed. I misundertook you.;) ... I'm just so accustomed to seeing and hearing all of that being CHARACTERIZED as "ultra-crazy-Leftist."
  • Yes, capitalism is the only game in town. Yes, presumably, we are all investors here, or people wanting to learn how to be smart about it.

    But Bernie is not an extremist. He wants universal health care.
    Contrary to common misconceptions, universal health coverage (UHC), socialized medicine and single-payer systems are not interchangeable terms. ... UHC is an umbrella term that socialized medicine and single-payer fall under; socialized medicine and single-payer systems may be implemented in an effort to achieve UHC
    This is an excellent, relatively short read on the different health care models: Beveridge (socialized, UK), Bismark (private insurance; Germany, France), hybrid (Canada). See also:

    Bernie's model of UHC is generally regarded as closest to Canada's. His "Medicare for All plan would leave intact the current infrastructure of doctors, hospitals and other health care providers, but nationalize the health insurance industry."

    Capitalism is not the only game in town. In most respects, Bernie is no socialist, regardless of how much he may say otherwise. But here at least, he is advocating nationalizing an industry. Though he is not suggesting that the health delivery industry be nationalized, and thus falls short of the existing US model where the government runs the VHA.

    Such considerations bear directly on funds like FSHCX (top 3: 25% United Healthcare, 9% Cigna, 8% Humana) and IHF (top 3: 23% United Healthcare, 12% CVS Health (owns Aetna), 7% Cigna).
  • All very interesting *and* you've tied it all to mutual funds and investing. Keep up the good work!
  • I, along with several others here, endorse the enforced period of silence, equivalent to the time-out we have kids observe when their behavior no longer respects our norms. I am no student of the media, or politics, or social norms, but I do recognize bad behavior ( or pornography for that matter) when I see it. Discourse among many posters on MFO became so disrespectful of commonly accepted norms that it required the intervention of a moderator. Many had become immoderate, thus the need for drastic action. I’m glad most of the posters here endorse keeping our side of the street clean even though our efforts will be but a small step towards getting others to clean up their side of the street. David’s action represents the appropriate courageous action contemplated in the Serenity Prayer: “God, grant me the courage to change the things I can...”.
  • Yeah, there is no proper false equivalence between the parties, even rightwingnuts secretly know this. The GOP has gone to extremism, gladly, for some time now. The Democratic Party not even remotely. As @Ben and others say.

    But nothing matters anymore anyway. Just a day or two ago someone interviewed this rube in Ohio or Michigan who said in detail that he supported Trump because his China and other tariffs had returned billions to US farmers and he got healthcare done, something Biden and Obama had failed to do.

    Even if you were a supporter on this site you would be aghast to hear his happy delusions. He is one of very very many. So, you know, nothing matters anymore. Hopeless.
  • Here it is, Economist couple days ago, guys working on projects at Youngstown State:

    ... almost all who had voted for him in 2016, even if tentatively, now vigorously endorsed him.
    “He’s done a great job, he’s got everyone back to work. I’m pretty much 100% for him,” said Kyle, a 30-year-old electrician. “He shoots his mouth off but at least that shows he’s honest,” said Jason, a pipefitter, who said he especially liked Mr Trump’s commitment to reducing the national debt. “He’s done more for our country than the past ten presidents put together,” said an older builder, Jeff, skimming wet concrete on a new road. “He’s made—who is it, China or Japan?—pay our farmers billions of dollars. He got healthcare done, which the Democrats could never do. He built the wall.”

    The debt thing is especially grotesque. Great comms technology has chiefly abetted Fox and OAN. I mean, these three did not form their conclusions from reading.
  • So 3 people said .........
  • 3, yes... But they are sadly, representative. ("REDUCING the nat'l debt??????????" Judas priest.)
  • edited September 2020
    Derf said:

    So 3 people said .........

    That deserves a bump.

    Where is the critical thinking?
  • he got healthcare done, bwahaha
  • here is what happens when you lie repeatedly enough:

    leftward lurch and all that rot

    almost everything she lists is a demonstrable lie, but it does not matter
  • American Enterprise Institute = bought & paid-for Koch Industries lobbyist
  • +1 old joe AEI shill looking for any excuse to still vote for Trump!
  • gingrich the newt wrote that. makes perfect sense to him.

  • edited October 2020

    Point of order?

    Would it be permissible here to note that former President Jimmy Carter turns 96 today?

    Full Story
  • Sure, healthcare

    Holly crap - I hope he didn’t give it to Biden or Wallace.

  • The incubation period is 7 days and this week the symptoms will show if they have been infected. Biden tested twice last week and both are negative. Wallace has showed symptoms and not been tested.

    What we are seeing the numerous infections in the WH is the disbelieve of science and danger of the coronavirus. It does not discriminate the politically leaning but only to those who present themselves the opportunity of being infected. No one wish the infection to anyone, but it did so widely last week. The fall season is here and the combination of flu and COVID-19 is simply scary.
  • Average incubation period 5 days. 97% of people symptomatic in 11 days
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