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(link) Let's hope I got the right stats.


Please ponder before to react:-)


  • dude, you really need to review the cases, whether time was served, what the charges were, all the sort of detail you are so good at with finances and investments
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    In addition to what david said it's not so much how many, but who.
  • It seems to me that most of the comments above, including FD's, appear (on the surface, at least) to have some merit.

    It might be quite interesting to explore this in some depth, but unfortunately the time required to marshal and evaluate the necessary resources is likely excessive for the MFO forum.
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    dude, you really need to review the cases, whether time was served, what the charges were, all the sort of detail you are so good at with finances and investments

    dude, how about you review all Obama cases and tell us why he was so right and everything Trump does is wrong.

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    Reading the link posted by @chuck, I am struck by the length of prison term the sentences were commuted (by Obama) to: 360 months is not small potatoes.
  • Yes, and from a quick scan it looks as if most of those cases were drug-related, likely with great unevenness in the sentencing.

    Trump's are mostly self-serving rewards to his political and criminal aiders, abettors, and associates, or designed to pander to his vaunted "base".
  • @FD1k

    wait, you did the OP and now want someone else to do the work for you?
    (you do not know where the burden falls here, do you?)

    as for your general question, "why he was so right and everything Trump does is wrong", there is not enough space on the site, so trivially easy is it
  • Oh, FD1000 doesn't give a hoot about the truth, i.e., the nature of Obama's commutations. They were almost all for minor marijuana drug-related offenses for people who shouldn't be in prison in the first place:
    They were not for betraying our nation to the Russians.
  • @LewisBraham. Well stated.
  • @FD1000 Hey TDS is strong with these snowflakes on this board. 3.5 years of BS investigations & attempts to remove Trump & these clowns can't find anything, yet look back at Osama's "scandal-less" time in office...LOL..>Osama was most corrupt President in history, as we are seeing & will keep seeing the more the truth comes out. Commuting Stone's BS sentence was totally the right thing to do, and same with Flynn if it comes to it...correcting injustices of the morally bankrupt powermonger libtards!
  • @rsorden How much is Putin paying you? Just so you know, those rubles will be worthless in 2021.
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    1. Show us evidence of President Obama's corruption. A simple list will do.
    2. Flynn admitted to lying under oath.
    3. Stone was found guilty of perjury. Even corrupt Barr said he deserved 40 months.

    But hang on to your dreams.

    p.s. I'm still waiting for FD's list of Trump's accomplishments. Crickets are deafening.
  • @Mark,
    Seems to looks at both presidencies, but refernces Obama's 8 years:

    Referenced in article:
    Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends
    Peter Schweizer has been fighting corruption - and winning - for years. In Throw Them All Out, he exposed insider trading by members of Congress, leading to the passage of the STOCK Act. In Extortion, he uncovered how politicians use mafia-like tactics to enrich themselves. And in Clinton Cash, he revealed the Clintons’ massive money machine and sparked an FBI investigation.

    Now he explains how a new corruption has taken hold, involving larger sums of money than ever before. Stuffing tens of thousands of dollars into a freezer has morphed into multibillion-dollar equity deals done in the dark corners of the world.

    An American bank opening in China would be prohibited by US law from hiring a slew of family members of top Chinese politicians. However, a Chinese bank opening in America can hire anyone it wants. It can even invite the friends and families of American politicians to invest in can’t-lose deals.

    President Donald Trump’s children have made front pages across the world for their dicey transactions. However, the media has barely looked into questionable deals made by those close to Barack Obama, Joe Biden, John Kerry, Mitch McConnell, and lesser-known politicians who have been in the game longer.

    In many parts of the world, the children of powerful political figures go into business and profit handsomely, not necessarily because they are good at it, but because people want to curry favor with their influential parents. This is a relatively new phenomenon in the United States. But for relatives of some prominent political families, we may already be talking about hundreds of millions of dollars.

    Deeply researched and packed with shocking revelations, Secret Empires identifies public servants who cannot be trusted and provides a path toward a more accountable government.


    Off-Shoring Wealth - Panama Papers:

  • @bee
    Every politician is corrupt to a certain degree, but there is no rational comparision between Obama's, minor, and Trump's, unprecedented in U.S. history. If Obama did one-tenth of the things Trump did he would've been impeached and thrown in jail within his first year in office.
  • Obama era scandals:
    - Clinton email fiasco
    - Fast & Furious
    - IRS abuses of political opponents
    - Benghazi
    - Obamacare
    - Spying on journalists
    - Iran nuclear deal
    - GSA scandal
    The list goes on & on...

    Funny everyone brings up the bogus charges against Flynn & Stone...corrupt investigation led by corrupt individuals...Trump just righted a wrong.

    Trump isn't perfect, I freely admit that. But he's 1000 times better than any of those other Washington scum, especially the demon-crats. As far as how much Putin is paying, get a life loser...the ones in bed with the Russians are your beloved libtards. How many times does it have to be proven that Russian collusion with Trump did NOT happen...that it was Killary colluding with the Russians ...hello Steele dossier. I swear, liberals are dumber than dirt!
  • msf
    edited July 2020
    @LewisBraham has a good post, but I think it misses another point. @davidrmoran gets closer with his observation "wait, you did the OP and now want someone else to do the work for you?"

    More broadly, posts like these containing numbers purporting to signify something may be laced with innuendo and signify nothing.

    Given, these are counts of pardons and commutations (P&C). So? The post relies on people accepting without much thought that P&Cs are intrinsically bad (at least unless proven otherwise). False premise.

    If one is going to start with a premise like that, one can just as easily start with the opposite premise that all P&Cs are good (subject to the same case-by-case refutation). Think courts of equity (to do justice outside of the courts of law). Then the numbers lead one to an opposite conclusion.

    But it gets worse. The numbers are rigged. No need to introduce any information outside of what was contained in the OP, which had a link to the source of the numbers. Just follow that link:
    Barack Obama
    Fiscal Year      P    C
    2009 (8.5 mos.) 0    0
    2010                  0    0
    2011                 17    0
    2012                  5    1

    Donald J. Trump
    Fiscal Year      P    C
    2017 (8.5 mos)  1    0
    2018 (12 mos)   6    4
    2019 (12 mos)   8    2
    2020 (9 mos)   10    4

    (Obama figures corrected)

  • @msf, your link has BO 2009-2012 numbers:
    2011 = P (17) , C(0)
    2012 = P (5) , C(1)

    I believe you may have quoted data from C & R (Remission), P&C for BO.
  • @bee Thanks for the proofreading! The figures did seem a bit too low. Doesn't change the comparison.
  • again, the point is not the numbers:

    @rsorden's post made me lol; thanks
  • edited July 2020
    Yeah, it is pretty funny. Patented right-wing rant, complete with all of the silly labels, directly from the WSJ reader's "comments". Hopefully he's likely not wearing a mask.
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