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Amazon blocks sellers from using FedEx ground-delivery shipping

Amazon is preventing third-party sellers from using FedEx’s ground-delivery shipping.
FedEx confirms the move, saying it could potentially compromise sellers’ ability to “meet customer demands and manage their businesses.”


  • I'm on day 8 waiting for FedEx to deliver an item from Southern California to San Francisco. Holidays or not, that's ridiculous.

  • I've had friends experience MAJOR fedex issues in recent months, to include losing their passport and then giving them the runaround. I think the only thing fedex cares to deliver on-time and correctly are new iPhones when they're released.

    I used to love fedex but UPS is eating their lunch in terms of reliability these days I think.

  • I don't have a horse in this race, but I do have some very recent experience with FedEx. On Wednesday of last week I had to take both of my hearing aids to the audiologist because of a malfunction in one of the operating control buttons. On Monday of this week (yesterday) the audiologist phoned to advise that they were ready for pickup.

    FedEx both ways to Illinois and back. FedEx, UPS and the USPS all have numerous levels of service. Perhaps a lot depends upon what the shipper decides to pay for.
  • @Old_Joe: Can you hear me now ? Remember that one?

    Have a Happy Holiday , Derf
  • I was wondering why they would do that. You see last week I ordered Christmas gifts for my grandchildren using Amazon Prime. One order took three separate shipments divided between the USPS and UPS. Two items never made it despite being shown as delivered by the entities involved and there is no way to resolve/correct this on Amazon itself. After numerous click-arounds one is given the phone numbers of the shipping companies. Seems Amazons' chosen ones have the shipping screwups all figured out and they don't need no FedEx help.

    In the end after much frustration I contacted Visa and told them not to pay the invoice. I wonder if someone will try to help out now.

  • edited December 2019
    I was wondering why they would do that.
    Insourcing or vertical integration perhaps:

    Also, at some point I imagine Amazon sees some of its sellers as competitors. Forcing them perhaps to ultimately use Amazon's internal shipping service might be the end goal. Or it could be to undercut them and sell more Amazon goods. Or it could be both goals.
  • I sent my sister a Christmas gift bought on Amazon. She lives in Tennessee, home of FedEx. Amazon delivered the gift and provided a photo of the exact location at her home they left the gift.
  • edited December 2019
    I've found the delivery info very undependable for UPS, USPS, and Amazon itself. Quite often they claim "handed directly to a resident" when no such thing happened.

    Fortunately our front porch is easily visible from a very busy intersection with lots of vehicle and pedestrian traffic, but parcels left on the porch cannot be easily seen from the street. I'm thinking that the activity and visibility has provided a disincentive for grab-and-run types, so fortunately we have never had a delivery go missing, despite the shoddy delivery "information".
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