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anyone adding to emerging market positions?

Hi there. Just curious if anyone is adding to their emerging market positions and if so to which fund or ETF? I currently am holding Seafarer Growth and Income and EM is about 4% of my overall equity holdings. thanks.


  • edited December 2018
    I use PRIDX. It's all over the map, with 12.5% in EM. I re-deployed profits earlier this year and am letting the principal ride. I held SFGIX for several years, almost since inception, but unloaded it.
  • Thanks for the feedback Crash.
  • In my retirement accounts I've refunded to just over 10% retirement is 30 years away...
  • I currently have an allocation of about 5% to emerging markets within my portfolio according to my last Instant Xray analysis. If I were to add to my emerging market weighting I think I would do it through purchase of American Funds Developing World Growth & Income (DWGAX) as it has a dividend of about 2.5% over adding to their New World Fund (NEWFX) which I also own.
  • EEM & REDV
  • I'm too chicken to add. I think things are going to get worse, here and in EM, before they get better.
  • Ditto what expatsp said. I think risk out-weighs gain at this point.
  • edited December 2018
    Added to 2 fund’s today in that category. (1) PREMX is a dollar-hedged EM bond fund. (2) DODLX is a mostly investment grade bond fund with around 50% in the U.S. - but it also holds some EM bonds which was an important consideration. Lightened up on my alternative strategy holdings.

    Caution: I’m scared too and have absolutely no idea what I’m doing.
  • "Caution: I’m scared too and have absolutely no idea what I’m doing." Funny. I see Asia and Europe zooming upward after the Xi-Trump "temporary" agreement. I'm thinking it's a dead cat bounce. Markets ALWAYS over-react, both to the upside and the down-side. And don't forget: Brexit, whether hard or soft, still looms.

    I don't know shit. Don't listen to me. ;)

  • @hank: Thank you Mr. Obvious.

    Just stepping on OJ's toes here because you know he's coming after your quote "Caution: I’m scared too and have absolutely no idea what I’m doing."
  • edited December 2018
    @Mark, I’m hoping OJ can bring some clarity to all this. I suggest everyone follow him.:)

    PS - Haven’t yet heard anyone use the term “submerging markets” this time around. That suggests they probably have a lot farther to fall.
  • Not coming after anybody, you guys! @hank put it perfectly: " I’m scared too and have absolutely no idea what I’m doing." Same here!

    Like @Ted, I'm going to downsize significantly before the end of the year. Am watching carefully as markets seem to be trying to go up a bit more, at least for the moment.
  • If I were to venture into EM yet again it might be in PRIJX.
  • I added a little to VTIAX today, but that's not specifically an EM fund. Honestly, I feel overweight in int'l as it is.
  • I have been adding slowly to Seafarer fund (4%) and Matthews Asia Dividend (5%).
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