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The USA National Debt


  • 21 Quadrillion???
  • ummmm.... no....
  • edited August 2018
    21T. I see it now.
  • This, not alarming clocked dollar amounts, is what chiefly matters, but yes, it's rising and will go up a lot higher, and we should increase gov revenues bigtime:
  • Well, just be patient, willya? It's just gonna take a few weeks for all of those tax reductions to speed up the economy like you won't believe, and then everything will be A-OK.
  • The really neat thing about when they eventually do have to raise taxes is that so much of what we'll be paying then will be going to replace what Trump gave away to the fat cats.

    Can't f'ing win!!
  • @Old_Joe Wars have been used to reduce populations. Let's not forget lessons of history lest they repeat.
  • @OJ - So much for trickle-down economics ...
  • Trickle-down economics. One of those things that is a THING. I know a professor at SMU who teaches in the Business School there. She says she has not found one shred of evidence that can conclusively prove it has worked or will work.

    Smarty Pants on MFO can provide examples to the contrary if they have.
  • My wife's retirement is larger than mine, and some of that trickles down to me.
  • @VF,
    No one can, or has, even inconclusively. There are no examples to the contrary.
  • I just gave you one. Small, but still...
  • :)

    no trickling on my leg and calling it gains
  • Howdy folks,

    Ah yes, Trickle Down Economics or Supply Side. Always a crock. Do rich people have a lower Marginal Propensity to Consume? Sure. This means they will save more. Note the word SAVE. I didn't say 'allow to trickle down'.

    What we actually could use more of is Demand Side economics. By this I mean things to stimulate the macro economy. To do this, however, it means giving more money to people who have a high MPC so they will spend the money buying stuff. Then you have to make stuff. Things in this category include raising the minimum wage, rebuilding the infrastructure (giving people jobs instead of handouts), revising the tax code to make it fair for everyone instead of just the wealthy. I'd go with 15% tax on everything with no deductions at all. Give everyone a personal exemption of $25K so a family of four wouldn't even start paying their 15% until they exceeded $100K.

    and so it goes,


  • Okay guys, then WTF are the Pubes able to win elections based on that nonsense, please tell me. Give me some other reason than people are just stupid.
  • OK: People are ignorant.
  • @VF, looong recent thread about this prior

    they hate the right people, us resented overeducated libtards who condescend to all of the wise and worthy working people in diners and bars and know nothing of the real world or common sense

    so goes the myth

    woodstock payback, I call it, and hunter thompson long ago called it the ethic of total retaliation

    some say the deep core is racial nativism / nationalism driven by fears, and there are a ton of data for that view

    see the famous LBJ quote

    current Atlantic has amazingly deep Manafort profile, New Yorker-level reportage, and in it is an amazing photo of him, Roger Stone, and Lee Atwater chumming around together, plotting future courses and opportunities and future destruction.
  • See all the recent articles covering wwc and farmers and self-styled evangelical types in Pa and Iowa and 'bama (Sheila Butler!) with utterly wack quotes about giving the guy a chance, let all of his policies work their magic despite my own personal temporary pain, I love it when he sticks it to libs, let them whine, let the poor and nonwhite whine even louder, drive immigrants away, I trust that China and all the others will be made to buckle, etc. etc. etc.
  • :)

    no trickling on my leg and calling it gains

    There's another old saying, Senator:
    (from "The Outlaw Josey Wales.")

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