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  • GISOX pretty damn good vs. benchmark on chart at Morningstar. But compare PRIDX. (But PRIDX is put in GROWTH rather than BLEND, where GISOX is.)
    GISOX is not quite 3 years old. YTD +3.15%. ..... PRIDX +3.77%.
  • Since GISOX's inception it's winning that comparison but it's close. PRIDX has clearly been a great fund for a very long time but considering its closed to new investors, GISOX might not be a bad bet for the future.
  • edited July 2018
    I own both the global opportunities and the global microcap, and have been pleased with the overall performance of both to this point. Of course with a hat-tip to the MFO.

    The stalwart options merit consideration, and a review of precisely why the "stalwart" classification appears to outperform. This seems to be a shop with legs.
  • I have been doing some browsing on Lipper and M* after receiving my update from Grandeur Peak. Their larger-cap funds (Reach, Stalwarts) have started to creep ahead, and while GPMCX and GPGOX (my holdings) are not doing badly, they're slowing a bit. It is hard for me to find funds from other shops with which to compare the GP offerings. Oppenheimer, MS, Wells Fargo, and Wasatch have nice performing world sm/mid funds, but they are all very different animals. The $9 billion OPGIX is run by a single manager, MGDPX is a concentrated mostly US all-cap fund; EKGAX is truly sm/mid, while WAGTX is mostly small-cap, with a smattering of giant and large-cap stocks. One could not accuse GP of style drift. It's a tough category to define, which means there are "misfits."
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    I agree, i have a hard time finding a valid comparison point for my holdings in Grandeur Peak GPMCX and GPROX. I'm a fan of the shop and hope they hold up well during the next downturn.
  • Well there's Rondure, in the same office.
  • Rondure funds are larger cap oriented than GP funds.
  • Roy said:

    Rondure funds are larger cap oriented than GP funds.

    Point taken. Thanks.
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