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Kyla Scanlon - Taking Some Sense to Make a Nickel


  • edited March 2022
    Her intro this week ...

    "A brief summary around all the movements in commodities this week

    Agriculture, fertilizer, natural gas, oil as a meme stonk, shale investors, The Nickel Saga, the China tech selloff, commodities vs USD, and finally crypto regulation."
  • Call me stodgy, @Charles, but Ms Scanlon's "style" of communicating perplexes me. Other than the irritating reliance on links, redundant pictures of Twitter pages, and the over-use of quotation marks, I found this sentence to be opaque:

    'It sort of circles back into the “weaponization of the dollar” question - what does it mean when an exchange (who is literally mostly just supposed to be a facilitator of trades) actually steps in and cancels… those trades?'

    To my way of thinking, writers who resort to "sort of," "literally," "mostly," and "actually" in rapid succession probably don't know of what they speak. MHO, of course. Then again, any on-air journalist who answers every question with, "Yeah, so, I mean...," also fails my standard for speaking clearly.

  • Yep, it's true.

    But she impresses me.

    I think what I like most is she's poking fun at the whole thing.

    Like here:
  • That reassures me, @Charles. A good dose of humor goes a long way these days.
  • Barron's notes that 5c-nickel is now worth 16.25c, but also reminds that it is illegal to melt coins.
  • I will bet a nickel that the energy costs to melt that nickel are now greater than the remaining 11.25 cents
  • That's sort of literally mostly actually true.
  • @BenWP. After two years of Covid, starting with horrific images from NYC and Italy, now we have the horrors in Ukraine. Yes indeed, a good dose of humor goes a long way these days.

    @Old_Joe. Good one!
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