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Tip-toeing in anyone?

edited January 2022 in Other Investing
Just picked up a few additional shares of WPM at $39

Order in for DKNG at $17 - about $.50 below current price (own some @ average price around $20.)

IMHO - Too early to take a serious dip, but may be some targeted opportunities if your time horizon is more than a few months.

Indexes as I write: DJI -800 points 32,436 / NASDAQ -500 13,280 S&P -130 4264


  • I'm a gambler too hank. I had a limit order go through this morning to buy a little GS, Goldman Sachs stock. Nice supporting article in Barrons this weekend.

    Ivve jusst ducktapd my arns to my boddy so I caaant plaaace anymmmor orderrrs. Harddd to tyyyp.
  • edited January 2022
    added to GGSOX on 1/19- Believe it was -12% @ that time.
    GP's latest GPGEX - Will add to that when it hits -10% & it's work on that drop.

    Sold MAINX a short time ago & then it started a + move !

    No serious dips yet, Derf
    PS I'll sell either
    if they drop to
    <25% profit level.
    That should stop
    the downturn !!
  • edited January 2022
    MikeM said:

    “I'm a gambler too hank”

    I wouldn’t call it “gambling”. “Calculated wager”, to a greater or lesser extent, describes most investing. You’re trying to gage the impact of all sorts of things - some as yet unknown.

    Things you know: Your own risk tolerance, the volatility / behavior of the things you already own, past performance numbers, values based on P/E or other metrics, current inflation rate, current interest rates, credit spreads, ongoing political dynamics, recent retail investor behavior, historical patterns, expenses, trading fees, brokerage restrictions, etc.

    Things you don’t know: Your own longevity, future direction of interest rates, future geo-political events, technological developments, changing consumer attitudes, future behavior of retail investors and day-to-day / year-to-year price fluctuations of most assets.

  • Filled limit order on ASML. Have placed another at 625.
  • It seemed like a good day to add to a basket of quality companies with SCHD. Also added to UTF on a pullback, currently at a discount with a 7.19% divi.
  • edited January 2022
    Old_Joe said:

    Filled limit order on ASML. Have placed another at 625.

    +1 Go for it!

    I’ll try to change my DKNG order from “day” to “GTC” as it has rebounded substantially from this morning’s $17.50 level. Won’t break my heart if it never gets that low. A little bit of that one goes a long way (200 octane).:)

    FWIW. Wood’s ARKK partially refloated itself today. Was down over 9% this morning. It’s actually in the green as I write.

  • edited January 2022
    Still peckin’ away at VTI. Bought at 214 - closed at 222.24. Not too shabby for an afternoon! Sheesh this markets crazy!
  • edited January 2022
    bought some more VONG on the dip, missing the bottom, but that slug is up
  • Interesting- for ASML, at the end of the trading day there was a "Buy" rush, rather than the "Sell" rush as of late. I guess that we'll see tomorrow if that means anything.
  • Hi @Old_Joe
    The below link is for Google Finance and a decent overview. The graphic is linked at 1d (today, Jan. 24, close). You may select/click other time periods to the right. ALSO, other data regarding ASML is at this page, to the right and scrolling down usually provides other news.
    This link is active, so one may place whatever symbol/ticker in place of ASML at the top of the page for a search.

    ASML Google Finance view
  • edited January 2022
    Thanks, Catch. Very interesting that the turn-around was so widespread. Similar to David Moran and VONG, the last batch of ASML is also up.
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