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David's May 1 Commentary posted

All of which feeds into my decision to step aside as publisher of the Mutual Fund Observer by year’s end. After 25 years of writing about funds and ten years of being the defining presence at MFO, it’s time to give a new colleague the chance that Roy Weitz long ago gave me.
A heartfelt thanks, David, for picking up where Roy left off and jump-starting the world's best mutual fund website.
May the wind be ever at your back.


  • Good Evening, Apologizes for my duplicate post regarding the May commentary. Based on our time stamps, I was reading the commentary and posted without looking at any new posts.
  • So which one of you guys will be stepping up and taking over for Mr. Snowball?
  • edited May 2021
    @catch22: No worries! - and no apology needed. But thank you.
    @JD_co: Gosh, I hope not any of the usual posters ... LOL.
    Impossible to match David's achievements with MFO, and the delicate balancing act of being above the fray while tempering it as needed is particularly difficult.
  • David is SO very smart, AND level-headed. A good (rare) one to actually be in charge of... ANYTHING. Thank you, David, and best wishes on your next move. Thank you, indeed.
  • David- I'm thinking that the odds of finding someone with your gentle touch in administration, coupled with your knowledge of the investment areas, are likely slim to none.

    I was an old buy-and-hold fund type, did pretty well doing that, and because of the limitations of my plain vanilla experience didn't have much to contribute to the in-depth financial discussions here. But over the years this place has become almost like the local watering hole, pleasantly populated by interesting and intelligent people whose varied experiences and opinions on all sorts of matters have been a source of great interest and mind-stretching knowledge. Losing this place is going to leave a great void for me, and will be like losing a great number of friends all at once.

    Thank you so much for all that you've done here, in the creation and management of the best financial watering hole that one could hope for.

    The very best to you and yours in whatever your futures may bring.

  • edited May 2021
    Under David’s stewardship at MFO the Dow Jones Industrial Average has roughly tripled, rising from 12,800 on 4/29/11 to near 34,000 today. Stepping aside at the top is never a bad idea.:)

    And - thanks for everything David. Please continue to post / share during your semi-retirement.

  • Very well said @Old_Joe. I will certainly miss the monthly musings and that touch of Roy's snark.

    Wishing you calm seas and pleasant journeys professor.
  • As @Old_Joe said, " Losing this place is going to leave a great void for me, and will be like losing a great number of friends all at once.

    Thank you so much for all that you've done here, in the creation and management of the best financial watering hole that one could hope for. "

    My thoughts also !

    Enjoy your retirement, Derf

  • You have a lot of fans and we thank you for all of your 'work' that we have benefitted from. While I'm not a frequent poster, I am an avid reader of your content. Best wishes to you and yours...well deserved!
  • David, thanks so much for everything you have done to help inform us as investors. I have always looked forward to your monthly commentaries and from your insights. I also have greatly appreciated the undiscovered funds that you have brought to us every month. I'm hoping someone else is able to step up to the calling.
  • Hi, guys.

    And thanks for the kind words. They mean more than you know.

    Too, don't write us off just yet. At base, I'm looking for a path toward the fulfillment of two goals: (1) some better balance in my life and (2) new energy and fresh perspectives for MFO. In my ideal world, that might mean a partner to help set editorial direction, contribute to the writing and build more bonds within the industry. Assuming an interest on their part, I'd continue to contribute ... but maybe 3,000 words rather than 15,000?

    My current aspiration is to contact folks we've worked with in the past ... managers, media relations folks, newsletter editors, some of the fund trusts ... to see if they have creative ideas or leads.

    It's going to be an adventure!

  • I echo all of the above congratulations and send much thanks for a job well done. Fund Alarm and MFO, thanks to yours and others efforts, have saved me a lot of money keeping me out of loosing funds, and in winning ones, and made me a better investor and this blog has given me a place to start my ( now) retired day.

    As long as your 3000 words include a picture of Agustana, some words about your current projects and family and you keep us up to date on your personal fund choices, they will be enough!

    I always wondered how on earth you could do two full time jobs, even if you loved both of them.
  • Hi David, congratulations on a well-deserved rest from MFO! Thank you for your years growing this community and sharing your valuable wisdom, and all your effort and time helping others understand the complicated world of personal finance and investing.
  • David, your MFO plan sounds so, so, well, sustainable! Best of fortune for your next chapter(s), and toward your continued involvement here, which would be great.

    Oh, and your ESG fund roundup in this month's issue is outstanding. It's a keeper. Many thanks.

    Best, AJ
  • Many thanks, @David_Snowball, for all of the fine editing, your patience with the occasional unruly posters, and your tireless efforts to steer our investments toward sensible and understandable funds. I suspect you will not miss the frenzy of the 48 hours before the first of the month; only undergrads, not the faculty, are supposed to pull all-nighters. Thanks also for your reminders of how we can give back and for walking that walk.

  • @David_Snowball -- I really love this site and am grateful for the community you (and your predecessors) have created. Investing is a hobby of mine, but also integral to my being able to retire (some day). You and everyone here have contributed greatly to both. Thank you for that, as well as serving as a model for civility in the wild west that is the interwebs.

  • Hi David, I'm sorry to hear you're going. You've provided a great service I think for investors everywhere.
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