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13 Aug. 2020: More from the Orange Abortion at 1600



  • +1 You're absolutely right! This election isn't a choice-it's a rescue mission. No time for progressives to be choosy-wish the progressives at the political blog I visit understood that!
  • @rono I don't want to see it that way but the more that happens the harder not to see it that way.
  • Agreed, Rono. It is ALL breathtakingly evil.
  • @rono how do the Democrats get this information out to the masses?
  • edited August 2020
    Rono said:
    This year, there is a wrinkle called Covid-19. What you're seeing now is the strategic move of genocide of the people that are either of color or political persuasion to vote against the President. By forcing inner city residents to vote in person at a reduced number of voting sites during a pandemic is intentional murder. It's simply start of the Trump Holocaust. And don't blow me off people, you're seeing where Hitler was in 1935. If Trump is reelected, America is dead and the killings will start in earnest. Only Whites allowed.
    And sadly even here on MFO there are those who are perfectly OK with this man and his evil works. Some of them claim to be "Southern Democrats".

  • A Southern Democrat is a nice phrase for white supremacy in my book. It has nothing to do with the Democratic party of today. You can turn a blind eye to history, but that is the facts of that political segment from the 1880's to the 1960's.
  • Yes indeed.
  • I understand where you're coming from, MikeM. But there's a ton of black and brown folks in the South who are Democrats, too, and none, I dare say, is for white supremacy. My impression about Deep-Blue Hawaii is this, after almost a year here: There is not much of a Repugnant Party presence at all. They're not extinct, just very small as a group. Therefore the Dems carry along with quite a variety of political persuasions. No fascists, certainly. But in the mix, you get left and right of Center, up, down, forwards and backwards. The Party apparatus here is about as organized as a Chinese Fire Drill--- just like the Party organization at the national level. It must be mentioned, though, that the Party apparatus is comprised of all volunteers here, at the State level. So, anyhow: you get a real mix of people elected, who CALL themselves "Democrat," whether they are progressive or centrist or right-of-center or might properly call themselves "Repugnant," instead. When stuff gets done, it's almost by accident. Elected leadership and agency appointees? I can't vouch for their suitability.
  • @Crash: MikeM is absolutely correct. There is significant history with respect to the term "Southern Democrat", and it has little to do with those in the South who today register as "Democrats". You would need to go back to the days of Lyndon Johnson and before, to appreciate this.
  • @Old_Joe and @MikeM... I see, now: the particular terminology. "Southern Democrat." Not just Dems who live in the South. Gotcha. And going back even further than LBJ, there was a "Dixiecrat" ticket in '48. Strom (Idiot) Thurmond.
  • Howdy folks,

    Southern Democrat devolved out of the Civil Rights act, but were conceived with the multigenerational effort to rewrite history by the Daughters of the Confederacy. Hell, the Stars and Bars didn’t come out until the 1960s. Lee had ordered it put away in 1865.

    The Stars and Bars is an enemy flag. Confederate Generals were the enemy and they still are. How many statues or military bases do you see named after Goebels, or Himler or Hitler?

    And so it goes

    Peace and wear the damn mask

  • edited August 2020
  • @Crash: Having watched the entire broadcast (via PBS) I will tell you flatly that the entire powerful theme of the presentation was inclusiveness. I completely disagree with the excessive weight that you are assigning to a common "religious" throw-away line.

    Bernie Sanders, for his part, delivered one of the most powerful and effective speeches of the evening. He took Trump apart and tore him to pieces. Speaking to his base he made it very clear that while Joe Biden may not be the perfect candidate from the "progressive" viewpoint, it would be insanity not to back him to the fullest extent.

    A very effective first night.
  • It wasn't just a religious throw-away line for some of us. I'm done here.
  • What a shame! You should not criticize a man because of the color of his skin. This thread would have been shut down if you criticized previous presidents because of the color of their skin. Shame Shame Shame
  • black is the new (old) orange?
  • black is the new (old) orange?

    Hopefully at 1201PM on Jan 20 2021, orange will be the new orange as he gets a wardrobe change and chauferred in a big beautiful car up to the SDNY.
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