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email address

edited December 2012 in Technical Questions
How can I change my email address with MFO without signing up for a new account. I would also like to use the new email address as my sign in, but retain my user name.


  • Hi, Mona.

    Check on your profile page for an "edit account" option. I can see one in my view and I assume you can, too. If you don't see it, see me a private message or an email to [email protected] with the new address and I'll make the change for you.

    Hope that helps,

  • edited December 2012
    In addtion to what David mentioned about changing your email which you should be able to do via edit account.

    As far as signing in.

    FYI - you don't need to enter your email address at sign-on - if you want to save on typing.

    all you need to do is enter your username

    the username way


    instead of the email way

    [email protected]
  • See pg 38 of the user guide, under "Resources", above: Click on your name in the small blue bar, above, then go to "Edit my account" and make your change(s).
  • Reply to @Old_Joe:
    See pg 38 of the user guide
    Thanks to all. I got all the way to page 37 and stopped;-)

    I needed to close my email account and put in my hubby's.
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