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Trump Deserves A Nobel Peace Prize



  • edited June 2018
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  • @Maurice: TDS, that was too good!!!!! And a very insightful comment.
  • BrianW said:

    Here's the worst part, Obama got you Trump. Call it reversion to mean. Now Trump is compounding. Consider this: now Trumplike candidates are now getting elected throughout the country. It is becoming the Trump party. Oh the nigthmare! And just like a Bull market, we're just getting started. It has reached the point where Democrats have to pretend to be conservative just to have a chance. Winning

    Yes, the GOP is indeed becoming "Trump's Party". But your comment of his "candidates are now getting elected throughout the country".

    Where specifically is that happening?

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    Hope you all don't mind if I hold off granting any awards, prizes or praise. All we have so far is a bunch of vague blather from the 2 participants of record. Call me back when you have something chiseled in stone.
  • This should have been the real headline of the Trump-Kim summit:

    “U.S. weakens its 70-year alliance with South Korea.”

    "A few commentators have pointed out that the big winner of the Singapore summit was the great power that was not even there: China. That’s exactly right."

    Link to Washington Post opinion piece.
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  • Sorry but I shall remain skeptical until I see something more concrete preferably in writing. The only thing these two have proven to me so far is that they are pathological liars of the utmost degree. Hell, they don't even agree on what it is they were supposed to have agreed upon at their meeting. What about all the others who have tried to make this all come about? Maybe the leaders of China and South Korea deserve the big prize or at least a share of it. Come back when you have something solid.
  • edited June 2018
    Sadly, have to agree with @Mark. But where does that get us?

    Watching how all this has evolved, looks like clever use of the “straw man” approach. First we have a deranged little “fat man” (err ... “rocket man”) ready to lob A-Bombs at SanFransisco. (Be afraid. Be very afraid.) Than, 6-months later after a magical one-day meeting he’s become a “nice guy” who cares deeply about his fellow citizens. We can now sleep fully assured he will never launch those missles.

    Good sales pitch. Smooth and effective. Reminds me of how some car salesmen start you out thinking you can’t afford the car. Than they hike back to the manager to “persuade” him to help you out. Presto - the price of the car just fell to what you can now afford. And guess what? You buy it.
  • Since I posted the opinion piece (above) which took a very dim view of the effects regarding South Korea, it's only fair to also note that the WSJ now has an article which takes exactly the opposite view. Unfortunately the WSJ is pay-only, so this link will only work for subscribers, but here are a few highlights from that article:

    • "After the latest dramatic week in a run of diplomacy that began this year, Mr. Moon finds himself in a vastly improved position and with key policy goals accomplished: direct U.S. engagement with North Korea, and a dialing back of military tensions between the adversaries."

    • "The summit meeting in Singapore of Mr. Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un continued the momentum that Mr. Moon began in two earlier meetings with Mr. Kim."

    • "Even Mr. Trump’s sudden decision Tuesday to halt military exercises with South Korea worked in Mr. Moon’s favor." "South Korean officials had previously urged the U.S. to scale back the exercises to avoid antagonizing Pyongyang, which views them as a threat."

    OK, make up your own minds.

  • It's interesting now that Hillary Clinton is largely out of the picture, Fox news viewers/Dimfart readers have moved on to Obama as their bogeyman of choice. What new criminal Obama conspiracy will Putin's Politburo hate-bots cook up for Hannity, Alex Jones and the hosts of Faux and Friends to keep the base distracted from the fact that our democracy is not-so-slowly unraveling?
  • "And guess what? You buy it."

    @Hank- and here's a recap of exactly what he bought:

    The North Koreans accidentally caved in their main underground nuke test site. Being next to China, they can't test above ground. Being broke, it will take a very long time to build another underground site. In a truly impressive bit of inventiveness Kim announces that they have achieved their goal and don't need any more testing. Surely there is no longer any need for economic sanctions from their big brother, China. Kim parlays that into making nice with South Korea, and, seeing how much our naive president desires being in the media spotlight, invites him to the North Korean version of the greatest show on earth.

    Kim and our glorious leader make a great show, for sure: they shake hands, Kim tells glorious leader that he will be good and not make any more bombs (details to be determined at a later date), our glorious leader tells Kim that we'll stop flying around pretending to bomb North Korea, and all is wonderful (details to be determined at a later date).

    With respect to details actually in evidence as of this date, they are indeed pretty scant:

    1) The United States and the DPRK commit to establish new U.S.–DPRK relations in accordance with the desire of the peoples of the two countries for peace and prosperity.

    2) The United States and the DPRK will join their efforts to build a lasting and stable peace regime on the Korean Peninsula.

    3) Reaffirming the April 27, 2018 Panmunjom Declaration, the DPRK commits to work toward complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

    4) The United States and the DPRK commit to recovering POW/MIA remains, including the immediate repatriation of those already identified.

    Kim does indeed deserve an award: champion recycler of the year. He brought out of storage the same line of BS that his ancestors have been using on us for a long time now, and our glorious leader (not so good on history) bought it hook, line and sinker.

    Kim the con man found his mark.

  • Send them 2 or 3 billion in cash as Obama did to trustworthy Iran !! Much better nuke deal !! There so honest
  • edited June 2018
    "omg, another one" Yes, it's hopeless. Know nothing, and not interested in learning. No facts, no accuracy, no history, no substance...just noise. Follow the leader... it works for him.
  • Sorry Fake News!!
  • Politifact fake news? omg, try harder.

    r u Russian bot? That would liven this board up.

    And show how its nonfinancial importance has grown! DS, CB et alia, take it public!
  • How deliciously ironic that the poster who enjoys painting everyone who disagrees with his warped outlook as a "socialist" or "communist" is so totally duped by the real thing.
  • Come on, @katman, fess up, we need an RT troll type here, I say
  • edited June 2018

    June 15:

    "How deliciously ironic that the poster who enjoys painting everyone who disagrees with his warped outlook as a "socialist" or "communist" is so totally duped by the real thing."

    June 16:

  • Politifact is totally biased. Just because they put the word “fact” in their name doesn’t mean they rely on them. Some people fall for anything.
  • "Politifact is totally biased."

    Right out of the right-wing playbook:

    They can deliberately provoke a situation by providing information of dubious authenticity, but as soon as any sort of significant response is encountered one of two things happens:

    1) They claim that the actual facts of the matter are "fake".

    2) When faced with overwhelming evidence that their positions are insupportable, they simply fail to respond, and skulk away into the darkness.
  • Right out of the left wing playbook. Direct from the DNC.
  • I want to clip the right wing, then the left wing. Then I can direct fact-based kick toward center of the body and no BS will be able to stop it.

  • The Economist is about as straight down the center as you're likely to find these days.
  • The problem, which Stephen Colbert expressed so eloquently, is facts have a liberal bias.
  • Only real facts. That's why they prefer alternate facts.
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