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NTF Since When?

When did Schwab and TDA start offering load-waived MFs from the big boys such as Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan? I do remember the announcement not so long ago about TRP joining the NTF platforms. For as long as I can recall, I did not consider load funds for purchase, but nowadays many more no-load funds are on offer and some good ones at that. Thanks for your help.


  • Schwab started offering JP Morgan at least as early as 2012; Fidelity was a bit later, though I don't recall if it was by months or years. Don't follow TDA closely enough to have a clue there.

    American Funds was a well publicized and recent addition. Haven't tracked Morgan Stanley funds.
  • The load-waived families at Schwab also include Delaware, Oppenheimer, MFS, First Eagle, Blackrock and others. Fidelity, TD Ameritrade E-Trade and IIRC Vanguard also participate to some extent as well. I hold MSFBX and SGENX among others.
  • @TSP_Transfer posted in January 2014 that MFMPX was available load-waived at Schwab and TDA, so load waivers on Morgan Stanley funds go back at least that far.
  • Thanks. I owned MFMPX after MS open-ended the CEF, but I did not realize MS and other companies cited by our attentive participants were making many of their A shares load-waived. Now I find that selecting “no-load” only in M*’s screener may eliminate the funds that have changed stripes. Now my procedure is to use the “Purchase” screen in M* to locate the A share class and determine if it’s available load-waived.
  • I have a Fidelity account and use their screener. You can set the parameters to include tf funds , and order the results by YTD, 1 Year , 3 Year etc returns and Standard Deviation as well. I think the screener is available to non-Fidelity account holders also.
  • At least at Fidelity, with the screener, if you select NTF as a criterion, it will also give you the A-Shares available load-waved. Thornburg, Franklin Templeton, and Principal are some other fund companies that offer load-waived (NTF) A Shares at Fidelity and other companies.
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