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Unread Posts

edited August 2012 in Technical Questions
Up until very recently (seems like the other day), all post headings on the "Discussions" page that were new (ones that were posted after I had clicked on the post) would be highlighted in yellow. Now they are not, so I have no way of knowing the new posts.

Why is this suddenly occurring and how can this be corrected?



  • Are you signed in?
  • Reply to @MikeM:

    Yes. On the very right of the black bar "Home...Discussions...Activity...Inbox...Mona...Etc" it says "Sign Out".
  • Then you've met the limit of my technical know-how:)
  • Reply to @MikeM:

    Suddenly it's working again!

    The yellow highlights the new unread posts and when I click on the the post the yellow disappears
  • edited August 2012
    Reply to @Mona: Thanks for mentioning this. This feature is intermittently flaky here also, especially if I use the "Mark All Views" button. Very infrequently though, so I didn't want to bother the technical elves. Yep, suddenly it will start working again. My guess is CIA and Israeli hackers practicing on MFO before going after the bad guys' centrifuges.
  • Reply to @Old_Joe:

    Back to doing it again.

    I use "Mark All Views" button fairly often, so possibly this has something to do with the problem.

    At least I now know that I'm not that crazy!
  • Reply to @Mona: No crazier than normal, anyway.:-))
  • I haven't noticed a problem but if you can reproduce one every time I could see what I could do.

    New posts "yellow" disappears if you are logged in and if you click mark all read.
    but if you use the back button the yellow may reappear because you are reading a cached web page. Then if you click forward you will go to a more recent cached page.
    if you click any link you will get a new page. Using the back button can be a bit confusing and disconcerting - it best alway to click the links on software menu
    e.g. Discussion or in the Category side panel to navigate.
  • edited August 2012
    No, it's just a little flaky, and certainly not every day, either... more like once every couple of weeks,with no particular pattern. Don't believe that cached pages are the culprit, as I frequently click the All Discussions" button, which should give a page refresh. Most of the time when this is going on it just "fixes itself" after a few minutes... maybe 10 or 15. Hadn't mentioned this before because it is so intermittent and unreproducible that everyone would be chasing their tails.

    Take care...
  • A few changes depending on what things get implemented. Stay tuned, maybe you can get a headstart documenting. I sent a note to David and Chip.
  • I really can't add more than Old_Joe. Certainly don't know how to duplicate it and if I have visited MFO say 5 times today, I have only seem the yellow for unread posts one time; but new posts were there.

    I have not noticed a difference between Internet Explorer or Firefox, so it does not appear to be a browser issue.
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