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  • Thanks @Maurice and @Mitchel. I do like both funds a lot from an aesthetic point of view, but realize I probably don't need that much credit exposure at my age. Will continue to think about it. I'd prefer to invest with an active fund in FI, though …
  • Thanks for the thoughts there, we both max out our 401Ks and do 1 Roth conversion every year (we don't each do 1 so we can keep a bit more liquid for an eventual house - which is mostly motivated by the tax code, we live in a high COL area so we're …
  • Thanks very much all, this is all very helpful. As far as why I have what I've got, some of it like FPACX and SIGIX I thought had pretty attractive track records and strategies, and in the case of SIGIX I do think that EM, and Int'l in general, is f…
  • @Josh I can comment, somewhat, on Templeton Global Bond (I own a variable annuity version) . I like it and the manager, though it can be volatile! I would venture to guess that you get a LARGE percentage of EM bonds already with this fund, and…
  • Hi all, longtime reader first time commenter here. I’m tweaking some of my mutual fund allocations, and would love to hear if anyone hear has any thoughts on the funds for the below purposes. I’d especially be interested in what people think of a…