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  • johnN
    Sorry about your loss
    Will pray for you and family
    October 2022
  • davidrmoran
    What I just posted to ybb, little different from what I discussed w you; just fyi :

    Ybb, I am alive and well, thanks, and do read the forum. I don't post Krugman articles few read anymore, or similar from my exhaustive personal daily reading, having decided life is too short and too packed for such. I don't ask the many questions I have about my new love interests CDC, DSTK, and CCOR (also STIP), which do not get much if any informed comment.
    I am shocked at how bad things have gone, how down I am financially, for few really good reasons, imo.
    I am no longer in CAPD and wish I had not dived quite so heavily into VONE. I don't regret having a lot in FMSDX.
    It'll all turn at some damn point. I will move a lot from VONE to CDC and DSTL, I expect.
    The actual straw for me, apart from my general 'overbusyness' trend, came when The Smartest Guy in the Room went on splitting hairs over and defending inadvertent / unintentional naked shorting. Life is way too short for such, good grief.
    June 2022
  • @BenWP- RE: stampede to invest - that is a direct quote from the Bloomberg article, not me .
    1.5 Degrees is an Alliance Bernstein Private Placement fund.I am looking for similar vehicles .
    December 2021
  • Hi BenWP,

    I read your recent post in the "World Stock Funds-Are they a viable alternative?" thread that you prefer PWJZX. Currently, I am in SIGIX which I am not pleased with. Possibly because it is a value and/or EM fund.

    I am looking to replace it with a large cap international blend or growth fund with less EM. I have looked at PWJZX and Morgan StanIey Inst Intl Advantage A symbol MFAPX (Schwab no-load). Hopefully I am not chasing returns.

    Both see similar and to fit the bill. PWJZX seem to the better performer but also has a bit higher risk (M*, SD, higher P/E). Both also seem to be a bit less volatile compared to the likes of ARTYX and VWILX.

    If you could give me your thoughts, that would be most appreciated!

    Thank you,

    November 2021
  • davidrmoran
    Not sure this is a new change, I believe so, but I see now that DLEUX is avail at Fido ntf for the usual $2500 min. DSEUX is $100k and still $50... Just fyi. Performance since inception is not better for any time period (almost) than Euro indexes.
    June 2017
  • davidrmoran
    I gave in!
    May 2017
  • Sorry for your, "gain." It's happened to me several times, and I've never liked it. It would be nice, and in some cases quite advantageous, to see it building up earlier. Makes you appreciate the little things that Vanguard does. Vanguard is the only fund operation I know that lets you see, month to month, on their site. Otherwise, release of fund reports are staggered so that you can't tell, even if you pour thru all the numbers in da columns. C'est la vie.
    October 2015