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  • johnN
    Hi bee

    Very bad next yr
    Don't expect Feds slow- release pressures and stocks rebounds soon
    Bad for 12 24 months??!!!

    Lots jobs lost growth banks housing sectors construction

    Pls kindly post ty
    December 2022
  • yogibearbull
    Have you seen this? Bees are fish, sort of, says CA court.
    June 2022
  • johnN
    May 2022
  • johnN
    Thank you

    May need unload-sell off energy portfolio next few months slowly
    May 2022
  • johnN
    Thank you Mr Bee for great insights
    IMHO ccp maybe planning to rule the world for 500+ 1000 years where USA unfortunately only looking at our special interests every 2 or 4 yrs
    March 2021
  • johnN
    hi Sir thought Pfizer would take off now/price would go up due to c19 vacc demands but it remains very flat. keep watching it
    March 2021
  • johnN
    That person is a genius
    February 2021
  • Sven bee
    Good morning bee,

    What is a good way to post graphs and plots on MFO discussion board? I believe you mentioned Jing in the past, but Jing is no longer supported. thank you.

    October 2020
  • johnN
    Thx ..rotflmao..
    I love that putin- vacc pix
    Good night
    August 2020
  • johnN
    hi sir. Thx for the post. I think you have two posts for similar discussion. think sometimes the android freeze up and this happens to me too or not enough coffee in morning :)...hagd stay safe. I am glad the curve is slowly flattening in USA and everything opens up again. kind regards
    May 2020
  • johnN
    Hi Bee
    I asked my sister who is RN. She says apply via, gov agencies/and hospitals and military services always looking for RNs [but may require travels sometimes overseas - work very secured]
    good luck w/ your friend.
    May 2020
  • johnN
    Hi Sir. Difficult situations. Best options maybe to apply unemployment benefits until Hospital Works recover/furloughed. Think they will recover but takes time. Unfortunately not many hirings right now. Sisters in laws are MDs, they are getting hungry no patients past few weeks unless equipped to telework medicine. Maybe she can go on find telework health care in the interim. may need to apply to many different agencies, so once start open up she maybe the first one being interviewed. many companies now maybe looking for home health nurses/ telework - urgent care and covid related until things cool down in 2-6 months. good luck
    May 2020
  • Hi bee,

    Thanks for stopping by and making comment under what are You Buying Selling or Pondering?
    Your comments were much appreciated.

    January 2016
  • Good morning bee,

    I have been thinking of restarting a thread that Scott use to anchor and that is "What Are You Buying, Selling or Pondering?" Scott has gone underground on us and I don't think he will be back from what I have heard. I remember when I first started posting I drew some heat from some others and you quickly brought them in line by telling them to mind their manners. Now I understand being a former classroom teacher you had a good way in doing this.

    In short words, I looking for someone beside myself to help start and maintain the thread. Would you be interested? Perhaps, you know of another who would be willing to join us?

    January 2016