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Barron's Cover Story: How To Play Emerging Markets Now

FYI: In a year full of political and economic drama, emerging markets have outpaced an aging bull market in the U.S. over the last 12 months. Still, the prospect of Beijing wielding a heavier hand in Chinese companies and economic reforms in India potentially slowing near-term growth means that investors who take a closer look now will need to pick their spots carefully.


  • I feel best with good diversification and management TGEIX.
  • After reading this article, I re examined one of my holdings, MINDX. With a 24x PE I decided that owning a one country fund is not needed when there are some other funds I have that I want to add to, and am almost fully invested. I am a big fan of Jain, and will be adding proceeds to his GSIHX which I recently bought as I was a previous holder of his HIEMX until he left plus add more to SIGIX. I also have his more pure emerging fund GQGPX which I had to buy at TD Ameritrade since Fidelity does not sell it yet. Adding to that one also.
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