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  • How do you get around the paywall?
  • The AQR Long/Short offering looks pretty good but the minimum is $1,000,000!
  • @Bitzer: Good fund right size, but wrong shape. Lewis's article is about Long-Short Bond Funds, not equity funds.
  • My bad, Ted. I couldn't get around the Barron's paywall and made that error in my haste to post. Still like the fund, though, and wish the minimum were much lower.
  • @Bitzer: Don't feel bad, I was able to get past Barron's paywall via Google just once per Barron's article. I think I'm going to stop this Saturday morning ritual, If MFO Members can't read the links.
  • If you have ever been a Barron's subscriber, the paywall remains in place and you can't read Ted's (or Lewis's in this case) links.
  • @Bitzer, AQR LSE and EMN are both closed to new investors anyhow. But fyi, in case they reopen, they were available at Fidelity (and maybe other brokerages, dunno) in IRAs for $2,500 minimum and even less in group retirement accounts. See the Fees & Distributions page.
  • The link I provided should work.
  • @LewisBraham, it worked for me but I never had a subscription. BenWP seems to be saying that people who have had subscriptions in the past can't get the link to work. That implies some identifiable crumb on their computer. A cookie or visible static IP problem perhaps.
  • @ Using Chrome or Firefox I can read a least two article per browser before the paywall kick in and I am blocked. However, I can repeat the process every twenty-four hours provided turn my computer off at night.
  • Thanks Lewis. Nicely written article. For me though, just another "investment opportunity" I see no reason to buy - ever. But I feel the same about the equity side of L/S too.
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